Depalletizing Machine is designed for metal sheet packages.

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With max payload of 3 tons, KEMPER STORATEC plate turnover device is available with loading equipment for pallet system as well as interfaces to existing storage and warehouse management systems. Operating sequence follows fully or semi-automatic process, and outsourcing/palletizing of raw material is possible at any time via process reversal. Able to accommodate automatic palletizing of laminated cores up to 3,000 x 1,500 mm, machine has max payload of 3 tons.

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KEMPER STORATEC Simplifies the Handling of Metal Sheet Packages

  • Semi or fully automatic depalletizing
  • System available in three versions
  • Gross package weight can be adjusted on customer requests Vreden, Germany - Depalletizing of heavy metal sheet packages is tortuous and binds resources. With a forklift or overhead crane each package had to be individually exempted from the wooden pallet. For a fast and efficient removal of packages the company KEMPER STORATEC, Germany, now launches a depalletizing machine for professional use. In this plate turnover device the wood packing is placed upward with a rotary motion and can now be easily removed. Simultaneously with the rotation the sheet package is aligned directly to the required reference point. The machine is available both with loading equipment for pallet system as well as with a link to existing storage systems. "It is our goal to simplify daily processes with innovative facilities. The depalletizing machine saves time which reduces the cost of metal work in general", says Helmut Flechner, CEO of KEMPER STORATEC, a subsidiary company of the KEMPER GmbH from Vreden, Germany. Flechtner sees an efficient loading of storage systems as a vital part for a dynamic feeding of machines and thus as a basis for comprehensive processes in metalworking. The depalletizing machine from KEMPER STORATEC allows automatic palletising of laminated cores up the large format of 3,000 x 1,500 mm. The maximum payload is up to three tons and can be increased by special customer request. Greater formats are available as well. The operating sequence follows a fully or semi automatic process: In a hydraulic operated machine the laminated cores will be fixed and rotated by 180 degrees. After that the wood packaging can be removed easily. At the end of the process, which takes about 110 seconds, the lamination lies aligned to the reference edge on the system pallet of the sheet metal store. It is automatically transported into the storage system on the material transport vehicle to supply further processing. Through a simple reversal of the process outsourcing and palletizing of raw material is possible at any time. The depalletizing machine has several interfaces to connect with the storage system and the warehouse management. To ensure the safety of employees and materials, the operations are continuously monitored with an extensive network of light sensors. "The protection of man and machine is always our first priority," says Flechtner. In addition to storage systems for metal sheet and long goods KEMPER STORATEC has a wide range of products for individual customer needs from loading equipment for sheet metal working machinery to a manufacturing control and warehouse management software. Special constructions for automation processes are available on request. "As a relatively young company, we want to impress with innovative and complete solutions. We already brought a competitive product portfolio from warehouse and automation technology to market", says Flechtner. For additional information visit: About KEMPER GmbH: KEMPER GmbH is a plant engineering company based in Vreden, Germany. The company's portfolio includes the following: welding, cutting, automation, and solar energy solutions; vacuum and filter units; cutting tables for metalworking; extraction systems for the electronics and automobile industries; an automated storage and retrieval system; a tracking system for photovoltaic systems; welding protection products, respiratory protection systems; and accessories, maintenance and servicing. KEMPER, who is the world market leader for vacuum and filter units, was founded in 1977 and now has 285 employees. In addition to its main office in Vreden, KEMPER maintains production locations in Shanghai and Prague. The company is also represented by eight branch offices and numerous trade partners.

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