DEM Solutions Supports Twister BV in Optimising Its Innovative Offshore Gas Treatment Equipment

EDINBURGH, Scotland, May 22 -- DEM Solutions, a world leading developer of discrete element modelling software solutions, is pleased to announce that Twister BV, a developer of innovative gas processing solutions and an affiliate of Shell, has adopted DEM Solution's EDEM software in the design and optimization of their market-leading offshore gas treatment equipment.

Twister BV designs innovative gas processing technology allowing a cost effective and environmentally clean approach to gas conditioning. Its patented Twister(TM) Supersonic Separator combines aero-dynamics, thermo-dynamics and fluid-dynamics to produce a completely new gas conditioning process for the condensation and separation of fluids.

EDEM is now being used to analyse particle dynamics within the design of Twister's improved performance multi-phase separator.

Bart Prast, Fluid Dynamics Specialist at Twister BV, commented, "EDEM is providing us with valuable information giving us new insights into the performance of equipment components and helping to guide the testing of prototypes. EDEM compliments other CAE tools that we use and enables us to study the exact movement of particulate solids and their behaviour in the separator."

EDEM enables Twister engineers to simulate bulk mechanics at the particle scale producing valuable information that will further enhance the innovation process and equipment improvement.

John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions, added, "We are delighted that Twister BV has elected to incorporate EDEM into its design activity and look forward to supporting their outstanding team. At a time when oil and gas companies are under increasing pressure to drill less accessible or mature assets economically, EDEM enables engineers to easily and speedily carry out simulations to gain previously inaccessible design and operational insights. Our aim is to bring this advantage to engineers' desktops across the oil and gas sector."

About DEM Solutions

DEM Solutions is a global leader in discrete element modelling software. Its EDEM software is used to simulate particulate handling, processing and manufacturing operations in pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and materials processing as well as oil & gas production, agricultural and construction and geo-technical engineering. EDEM provides high-resolution information on particle kinematics, momentum, heat and mass transfer in particulate flows. DEM Solutions' consultancy team works with customers to solve design and production problems by simulating and analyzing the processes at the particle scale. DEM Solutions' corporate headquarters are located in Edinburgh, UK with offices in Lebanon, NH, USA. For more

About Twister BV

Twister BV offers innovative solutions for natural gas processing. We have a multi-disciplinary team of experienced engineers with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Through the development and commercialization of our revolutionary Twister Supersonic Separator and our Hydrate Separator, Twister BV has accumulated a unique portfolio of capabilities including:

o Conceptual engineering
o Field development planning and economics
o Process engineering
o Computational multi-phase gas flow modelling (CFD)
o Multiphase metering
o Mechanical engineering
o Instrument engineering
o Pipeline engineering
o Project management
o Commissioning
o Field testing and operations
o Research & product development management

Source: DEM Solutions

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