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Aerzen presents the first Rotary Lobe Compressor

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, May 18, 2010 - Relying on experience in the design and production of rotary lobe blowers since 1868 and screw compressors since 1943 Aerzen has continually set new standards for quality and innovation in the field of twin-shaft positive displacement machines. Aerzener Maschinenfabrik counts among the pioneers of compressor technology and is today one of the leading manufacturers worldwide.

The unique combined experience from the worlds of rotary lobe blowers and screw compressors is the foundation upon which the new groundbreaking and future-oriented Delta Hybrid technology has been developed - the first series of Rotary Lobe Compressors!

Delta Hybrid is a synergy of blower- and compressor technology. By combining the technical advantages of both concepts, it offers completely new possibilities for generating positive pressure or vacuum in air and neutral gas applications.
A total of 7 patents or patent applications currently make the Delta Hybrid one of the most innovative products in compression technology. While low pressure applications call for the Roots-principle of isochoric compression, the screw compressor, with its internal compression, becomes the preferred choice for its energy efficiency in higher pressure ranges.

The package concept is based on the well known and successful Aerzen Delta design (Delta Blower and Delta Screw) and has been systematically upgraded. Over a ten year operating period, energy costs equate to about 90% of the total Life Cycle Costs of a compressor.

With this in mind, the Delta Hybrid was developed with the focus on increasing energy efficiency and achieving a significant reduction of energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The ideal union of both rotary lobe blower and screw compressor technologies resulted in the Delta Hybrid, a future-oriented innovation that reduces the energy consumption by up to 15% compared to usual compressors. A 3+3 twisted rotor profile is used for low pressures up to 800 mbar (12 psi) whereas a 3+4 rotor profile is used for pressures up to 1500 mbar (22 psi): a compressor with optimum efficiency can be selected for the needed pressure range.

Optimized fluidic design of inlet and discharge ports provides for ideal flow conditions and reduced slippage. The inlet air is sucked in on the cold side of the package and discharge silencer isolation helps maintaining a low inlet temperature, therefore increasing the compression efficiency. Moreover, the belt-driven Delta Hybrid offers the significant advantage of exact sizing the greatest advantage comes from the energy that does not need to be used. In other words, a 5% excess in volume flow corresponds to a 5 % higher energy use.

Thus the new Delta Hybrid-series is energetically absolutely comparable with turbo compressors, and moreover offers the key advantages of a Positive Displacement machine, such its considerable adaptability to varied operating conditions:

  • Especially favorable price performance-ratio considerably below the investment-, energy- and maintenance costs for a comparable turbo- or screw compressor
  • Very large flow control range (25 - 100%) with highest efficiency also at partial load
  • Power fluctuations even under varying inlet temperatures (summer/winter operation) are minimal compared to turbo compressors
  • Low maintenance- and service costs
  • Robust bearing design (Lh10 life of 60 000 operating hours even at maximum load)
  • Low compressed air discharge temperatures thanks to excellent heat management, compact design and Side-by-Side installation, automatic belt tension by means of hinged motor mounting plate, operation and maintenance access from the front, oil level check from the outside even during operation, low noise levels, suitable for outdoor installation.

    Similar to its predecessor, the Delta Hybrid stands out for its outstanding reliability and long life cycle. In wide-ranging research, Aerzen developed new seal solutions at the drive shaft and at the rotor chamber to minimize the natural wear. A new Aerzen patented bearing system extends the bearing life to over Lh10 = 60 000 operating hours (at a differential pressure of 1000 mbar (15 psi).

    As in previous generations, the Delta Hybrid features a purely reactive discharge silencer. Since absorption material breaks down over time, Aerzen has avoided its use to prevent contaminating the downstream process system.
    This avoids any accumulation of broken-down absorption material in the fine diffuser systems of wastewater treatment plants, therefore preventing clogging, high cleaning costs and possibly reducing plant operating capacity.

    Additional advantages of the new Delta Hybrid include the option of using a shaft driven or an electric motor driven cooling fan for the acoustic hood. Moreover, as a standard, only highly efficient EFF1/IE2 motors are used to drive the Delta Hybrid, and, the new Aerzen special oil Delta Lube allows to extend the oil change intervals to 16 000 operating hours.

    As an option, Aerzen Rotary Lobe Compressors can be equipped with the new AERtronic control system that is based on a modular design and offers a solution tailored to each individual application. The so-called "All-in-One"-solution with integrated frequency converter and power supply panel is ready to be plugged-in and operate after having connected the package to the power supply and plant piping.

    The new Aerzen Delta Hybrid packages have been designed for oil free compression of air and neutral gases and find application in varied industries, such as wastewater treatment plants, in the chemical industry, in power generation plants, or for the pneumatic transport of powders.
    Following extensive field tests under harshest operating conditions and after over three years of operation in various applications, the Delta Hybrid packages are ready for their market introduction.

    The new Delta Hybrid series covers a flow range of 110 m³/h to 4.100 m³/h (65 to 2400 cfm) with 12 machine sizes and -depending on size- for positive up to 1500 mbar g. (22 psig) and vacuum to -700 mbar (-21"Hg).

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    Aerzen USA is a wholly-owned division of the German manufacturer, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH, and has been a recognized world leader in the production of rotary positive displacement machines since 1868. Aerzen USA is based in Coatesville, PA and holds certificates for ISO 9001: 2002 and 14001: 2004. For more information, visit

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