Delphi Wins HSDD Business from GM Europe

November 12, 2008

New Technology Provides One System for Connecting All Protocols

TROY, Mich. - Delphi Corporation has signed an agreement to provide its new High-Speed Digital Data (HSDD) connectivity systems for inclusion on new General Motors vehicles in Europe.

Delphi won the business soon after unveiling its new HSDD technology.

HSDD connectivity systems provide cost effective automotive-engineered connection systems for a broad range of high-speed protocols, reports Matthias Weber, managing director, Delphi Connection Systems Europe.

Among the high-speed protocols HSDD connection systems serve are USB 2.0, 1394, LVDS, FlexRay, eMOST and Ethernet, he adds.

This is important because it simplifies connections in vehicles that use multiple data protocols, Weber explains. "Delphi's HSDD connectivity provides one system for connecting all protocols and all data bus systems," he stresses, "and is suitable for both automotive and commercial vehicle applications."

Delphi's new High-Speed Digital Data (HSDD) connectivity systems simplify connections in vehicles that use multiple data protocols. Delphi's HSDD will be included on new GM vehicles in Europe beginning with model year 2009.

The technology uses 0.64 standard crimp technology on ISO (International Standards Organization) centerline spacings, while a new tactile lock system with connector position assurance ensures proper connections are achieved and maintained.

Delphi's HSDD connectivity systems transport high-speed digital data with continuous shielding and employ standard automotive assembly technologies. They also make camera and video applications used in safety systems possible. And, Weber adds, the new HSDD technology generates a data loop from header to header with the possibility to add inline interfaces.

For USB connections with Delphi's HSDD connectivity systems, Delphi has designed a universal adapter.

Delphi's HSDD is the latest example of how Delphi continues to strengthen and expand its data connectivity portfolio with products that keep consumers connected.

"Delphi is defining what data connectivity is with complete data connectivity systems and a full line of data connectivity products on the forefront of technological advancements," observes Tim Ross, Global Director, Sales & Marketing.

"Our experts have taken the lead in helping to establish industry standards and are committed to continually introducing new products that are on the cutting edge as consumer technologies continue to evolve. Providing the best data connectivity systems in the world is a top priority at Delphi," Ross asserts.

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