Delphi's First Prepackaged Airbag/Steering Wheel Featured on Smart Fortwo Vehicles

November 17, 2008

Delphi Focuses on Ease-of-Assembly Safety and Controls Systems for Daimler's Smart Vehicles

TROY, Mich.- Delphi Corporation is providing its first prepackaged driver side airbag assembly in the steering wheel for the Smart Fortwo vehicle made by Daimler. The steering wheel and airbag are usually shipped as separate components. Delphi is also supplying the passenger side airbag and passive occupant detection system for the fuel-efficient mini car.

In addition, Delphi supplies the steering wheel clock spring with integrated steering angle sensor, wash/wiper stalk, direction indicator stalk and selespeed switches on the steering wheel for the vehicle.

"Our prepackaged approach to the steering wheel and airbag contributes to the Smart Fortwo's quality and value by helping to reduce cost," said Beth Schwarting, lead executive for Delphi's Safety Systems Product Business Unit. "As one of the most highly interfaced systems in the vehicle, steering wheels need to be durable and stylish with the right functional feel. Our design provides the right features and style that uniquely fit the Smart Fortwo's interior and image."

The Smart Fortwo has a high-quality, two-spoke or three-spoke grain textured steering wheel to provide a sporty feel, fit and finish. The prepackaged airbag adds increased value and simplicity in the assembly process.

As one of the world's largest steering wheel and airbag producers, Delphi combines design expertise with global lean manufacturing to provide attractive and functional products. Building steering wheels to meet manufacturers' requirements, Delphi's two, three or four-spoke steering wheels can include features such as integral airbags and steering wheel mounted accessory controls. Delphi manufactures steering wheels in polyurethane, vinyl base material over cast alloy or welded steel structures that include leather-wrap, heated rim, wood and other decorative trim options.

With a complete portfolio of OEM safety equipment, Delphi designed and manufactured
the first automotive airbag in 1974. Today, the company produces more than 20 million airbag systems per year to help manufacturers make vehicles safer and help meet safety requirements. The company offers a number of frontal airbag designs with adaptive features like cushion deployment volume, inflation output and venting based on crash conditions. The airbag systems are compatible with customer instrument panels and easily integrated into vehicles.

In addition, Delphi has a full line of active safety products, including adaptive cruise control, collision warning, lane departure warning, side alert, active night vision, intelligent headlight control and pedestrian recognition.

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