Delp Introduces Simpler, Safer, More Versatile

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 12, 2006) - The Delp Mixer Company has introduced a new 500ml mixing system for moderate pressure and vacuum applications which is simpler to use, safer and more versatile than any system its size.

Suitable for 35psi pressure or 30in. Hg vacuum, the system is ideal for contract manufacturing, small batch mixing, nano-material production, or high-value or hazardous materials applications.

"We have a great deal of interest in nanotechnology, and wanted to be at the forefront in developing equipment to serve that market," said Lisa Delp, president and CEO of Delp & Associates, owners of The Delp Mixer Company. "The 500ml system was designed to easily and safely process hazardous materials in small quantities and reduce the risk of injury to the user."

The Delp 500 ml mixing system comes equipped with a model 216S Delp Mixer; 216MSB-C collet-style mount for glass, metal or coated shafts; 216-A251 Mixer Mount Adapter; EG12 Mag-Drive variable speed motor; standard power supply; EG12T Tachometer; 500ml pressure reaction flask with round bottom, pressure reaction flask head with extended #25 thread center neck, one #7 and three #15 side necks with CAPFE o-ring; quick-release clamp; cork ring; standard lab stand with a 28-inch mast; hook connector; chain clamp; and a PTFE lifting agitator mounted to a cut-to-length glass stir shaft.

Unlike other available low-volume systems for moderate pressure, the Delp system allows greater flexibility for scale-up and is easily adaptable for other mixing applications. The system also can be sterilized between batches to prevent cross contamination.

"In addition to all its features, the 500ml system retains the benefits that make all Delp products unique - size, versatility, ease of use, value, and one-on-one customer service before, during and after the sale," said Delp Vice President and Chief Designer Terry Delp.

The new system is Delp product #SYS-500, and can be ordered through the Delp Mixer catalog or online at

Delp mixers are easy-to-use, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-maintain bench-scale laboratory mixers that mount to standard laboratory glassware in multiple configurations and can mix in both pressure and vacuum environments. The mixers can be made more versatile through a variety of available mounts and adapters.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Delp & Associates designs and manufactures cost-effective, built-to-task products for the polymer, pharmaceutical and life science industries. The company's consumer division, The Delp Mixer Company, manufactures and markets versatile, durable, simple-to-use, bench-scale mixing equipment for a variety of chemical and scientific applications. More information about the company and its products is available at

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