Delkin's SensorScope(TM) Wins Prestigious DIMA Award for Innovation

Poway, CA. March 19, 2007 - Delkin Devices, Inc. has been honored with the Digital Imaging Marketing Association's (DIMA) annual Innovative Digital Products Awards for the company's new SensorScope System . Delkin's SensorScope System is the first complete solution for inspecting and cleaning digital SLR sensors. Camera dealers worldwide have enthusiastically embraced the product, resulting in an enormous success for Delkin. Now Delkin has earned the accolades of the imaging industry's leaders, as represented by DIMA.

DIMA is the preeminent organization for businesses and organizations in the imaging industry. DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards were created to honor groundbreaking, technologically creative products. DIMA's award of this coveted honor to Delkin's SensorScope System highlights Delkin's commitment to design, build and bring to market unique digital camera accessories that meet the imaging needs of today's consumers. The award was announced at the Photographic Marketing Association's Sneak Peek press event at PMA 2007.

The SensorScope System from Delkin is the first and only complete sensor cleaning system kit on the market for digital SLR camera sensors. The system includes unique components to safely inspect and effectively clean a DSLR's camera sensor of all types of contaminants, wet or dry. The distinctive, first-of-its-kind components of the SensorScope System, and the overall system itself, are what earned the DIMA award.

The SensorScope enables you to quickly inspect the camera sensor to see if it needs cleaning in the first place. The SensorVac is a miniature vacuum specifically designed to remove loose particles from the sensor chamber, including those that may be "stuck" due to an electrostatic charge. It is designed with a brush tip to safeguard against damage to the sensor. More stubborn pieces or wet contaminants, such as the camera's internal lubricant, are removed with the use of the SensorWand and SensorSolution. The SensorWands are double sided, designed for quick, one wand cleaning and drying of the sensor. The SensorSolution is among the few cleaning products offered to the photographic industry that is safe to transport by air. Each of these products is unique, and combined provide a cleaning solution for digital single lens reflex cameras anyone can use. A refill kit is sold separately to replenish the supply of wands and solutions.

"All of us at Delkin Devices are pleased at receiving DIMA's Innovation Digital Product award," said Eric Richter, Delkin's Marketing Manager. "It's quite an honor for the company, and the individuals involved with creating the innovative components of the SensorScope System. The award underscores Delkin's commitment to bring its dealers creative new products to help them thrive in a challenging market."

Delkin Devices, Inc. is based in Poway, California, with a European branch office in Birmingham, England. Delkin has been providing "Everything but the Camera" since 1986. From Archival Gold Media to Pop-Up Shades, Delkin products deliver premium quality, innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service. Delkin Devices and its products have become worldwide industry leaders in both OEM and consumer markets. The company's eFilm brand of memory cards is a leading choice among professional photographers and others passionate about digital photography. Delkin Devices' innovative digital photography products are available worldwide through a network of independent camera stores, and online at Delkin Devices' website:

Contact: Duke Doudna
Marketing Department

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