Del City's AT Series(TM) Sealed Connectors Kit

Milwaukee, WI - Del City's AT Series(TM) Connector Kit is an assortment of connectors and terminals that allow for water-proof connections. Included in the kit are 224 pieces of housings, terminals and wedges intended to handle most repairs.

AT Series(TM) connectors are designed with dual seals and ergonomic locking clips. AT Series(TM) housings and wedges are made from a thermoplastic material that offers durability and UV resistance for the receptacle assembly. Connector housings feature silicone elastomer wire seal and are available in 2- to 12- pin configurations. The receptacle pin and plug socket contacts included in the kit complete the electrical connection for a receptacle and plus housing assembly. The kit offers four different 16-18 gauge contacts. Items are housed in a durable, lightweight, translucent carrying case (11" x 6 ¾" x 1 ¾") that conveniently fits into any toolbox. For a complete listing of kit contents and other products offered at Del City, visit

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Del City, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, is a direct supplier of electrical supplies and accessories since 1947. Serving the automotive, truck and trailer, marine and RV industries with over 4,200 professional grade products, including wire, fuses, terminals and switches, Del City offers its customers convenience and customer-friendly service. For more information or to request a catalog, visit or call 800.654.4757.

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