DEK to Demo Advances in Print Transfer Efficiency and Bridging Detection at Upcoming Events

DEK will utilize the upcoming IPC Midwest event ( in Schaumburg, Illinois and the SMTA International event in Fort Worth, Texas (, to showcase its latest technology developments including the transfer efficiency-enhancing ProActiv system and HawkEye Bridging post-print verification tool. These breakthrough technologies will be displayed alongside numerous other DEK solutions designed to improve productivity, throughput and yield.

"Both ProActiv and HawkEye Bridging deliver on precisely what DEK sees as our primary objective," explains DEK Americas General Manager, Brian Smith. "We want to make our customers' print operations as high-yield and cost-effective as possible - even as they undergo the transition to finer-feature component designs. ProActiv and HawkEye Bridging are prime examples of DEK's forward-thinking product innovation and clearly uphold our promise to offer solutions for high-efficiency processes."

With breakthrough technology capable of shifting area ratio limits from 0.6 to 0.4, DEK's ProActiv technology significantly improves paste transfer efficiency for modern fine-pitch and heterogeneous assemblies. When activated, ProActiv introduces a level of energy into the solder paste that improves shear thinning capability, thus enhancing transfer efficiency and improving throughput and yield for today's highly miniaturized devices. During both IPC Midwest and SMTA International, live demonstrations of ProActiv will be available on-demand.

Not only does ProActiv address the challenges of industry miniaturization trends, but DEK's HawkEye® Bridging also provides a solution for smaller form factors with new bridge and contamination detection functionality, which is critical in the era of thinner stencils, higher density designs and varying board quality. As pad spacing has become tighter, material smears on the underside of the stencil are even more problematic, which makes bridging identification a key component of high-yield operations. HawkEye Bridging builds on the award-winning, high-speed HawkEye print verification system and adds to it bridging and contamination detection, thereby eliminating the risk of shorts and dramatically improving end-of-the-line yield. What's more, the verification operation of HawkEye occurs in real-time with no impact to the line speed. Visitors to the IPC Midwest event can see HawkEye Bridging in action on board DEK's Horizon 03iX print platform.

In addition to these most recent technology advances, DEK will also display its award-winning Nano-ProTek stencil coating, VectorGuard interchangeable stencil system, and full line of understencil chemistries and fabrics.

"Without question, DEK is leading the field in print process innovation advances," concludes Smith. "We invite IPC Midwest and SMTA International attendees to see first-hand just how DEK can improve their print performance."

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please call + 1 - 512 255 0028.

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