DEK Technologies Enable High Printing IQ; Leverage Intelligent Print Techniques at SMT Nuremberg

DEK's printing platforms lead the industry in capability and intelligence.   In fact, DEK technology is already aligned with industry programs -- such as the German electronics market's Industry 4.0 initiative – designed to drive greater efficiency and more integrated manufacturing techniques.  At next month's SMT Nuremberg event, show delegates are invited to visit DEK in Hall 7, booth #510 and at partner booths, SmartRep (Hall 7, booth #419) and Fraunhofer Institute (Hall 6, booth #434A), to learn more about the company's complete suite of intelligent printing solutions.

Within the DEK exhibit, visitors will experience a comprehensive range of printing technologies – from the print leader's broad portfolio of process support products, including understencil cleaning chemistries, high performance fabrics and award-winning VectorGuard High Tension stencils to a brand new print platform innovation.  Making its European debut is DEK's Gemini platform, a printing solution designed to accommodate dual lane placement processes,  exceptionally high throughput of 300 boards per hour, a large print area of 508 mm x 508 mm and independent platform control that allows one printer lane to run while the other is engaged in product changeover.  With an industry-leading process alignment capability of +/- 15 µm @ 2.0 Cpk, Gemini is the future of high-speed, high-throughput modular processing. 

Underpinning all of the DEK technologies on show is the expertise of the DEK team.  Without a base of print process knowledge built on decades of practical experience, the full potential of the printing operation cannot be realized.  At SMT Nuremberg, DEK welcomes the opportunity to showcase its deep printing proficiency through interactive demonstrations at the DEK Print Lab Solutions Centre and DEK Print Lab 2020 Vision.  With already-proven solutions for tomorrow's most challenging printing applications, DEK can manage today's most complex assemblies and prepare customers for future requirements. 

"DEK is passionate about printing – it's what we've devoted the last 45 years to advancing and what we will spend the next half-century progressing," enthusiastically states Karen Moore-Watts, DEK Global Marketing Director.  "Greater flexibility, throughput and yield at the lowest cost of ownership are what the DEK team and our products deliver and we are proud to share our expertise and the debut of the Gemini platform with customers at SMT Nuremberg next month."

Elsewhere on the show floor, DEK will partner with Koh Young SPI technology within the SmartRep exhibit to showcase its robust closed loop system, ProDEK, on board a Horizon 03iX platform.  Automatic alignment correction and understencil cleaning optimization unite to make ProDEK the industry's most effective process control technology available.   In addition, working with top research organization Fraunhofer Institute, DEK will leverage the capability of its Horizon 01iX system to illustrate how machine control and limited operator intervention can promote an error-free, high-yield future packaging solution. Integrated into a full production line designed to showcase Production 4.0 capabilities, the DEK platform plays a key role in representing the factory of the future defined by machine intelligence and connectivity.

"For DEK, printing's future is already here," says Moore-Watts in conclusion.  "We've been preparing solutions for highly miniaturized geometries and broadband assemblies for years.  We're ready.  The question is:  How many electronics manufacturers are truly prepared? Readiness is what DEK aims to ensure."  

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DEK is a global provider of advanced materials deposition technologies and support solutions including printing equipment platforms, stencils, precision screens and mass imaging processes used across a wide range of applications in electronics pre-placement subassembly, semiconductor wafer manufacture, and alternative energy component production. For more information, visit DEK at

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