DEK Solar's Apollo Metallization Platform Wins Prestigious Solar Industry Award

DEK Solar continues to be recognized for its important contributions to the advancement of photovoltaic (PV) technology and this week collected its fourth Solar Industry Award.   DEK Solar's Apollo integrated cell manufacturing metallization platform won this year's Solar Industry Award in the PV Tool category, providing further validation of the system's ability to deliver increased production capacity and enable some of the most innovative cell-efficiency enhancing processes. 

DEK Solar executives Dr. Xiao Chen, Chief Technology Officer, and Mr. Darren Brown, Alternative Energy Business Manager, accepted the Solar Industry Award at a ceremony held on 1st October at the Hotel Novatel in Paris, France.   Voted on by customers, vendors and third parties across the entire PV value chain, the award win is particularly gratifying for the team at DEK Solar as it acknowledges the company's alignment with industry priorities and future technology requirements.

"It's no secret that the past two years in the solar industry have been challenging," notes Dr. Chen.  "Making solar technology affordable, efficient and accessible are some of the industry's primary obstacles and precisely what our Apollo platform was designed to address.  We sincerely thank our customers and partners for recognizing this fact and casting their votes overwhelmingly in favor of Apollo."

One of the solar industry's biggest challenges is the requirement to improve cell efficiency through techniques such as ultra fine-line printing, Print-on-Print, Selective Emitter and Metal Wrap Through (MWT).  Increased throughput, precise alignment, robust wafer handling and low breakage rates are equally critical criteria for lowering overall production costs and, therefore, the cost to consumers.  The Apollo platform is delivering on all fronts.

Known for its exceptional precision, flexibility and process capability, Apollo is at the forefront of the industry with +/- 10 µm accuracy at 2 Cpk.  A low breakage rate of less than 0.15% and wafer processing capability of 1,450 wafers per hour (wph) make Apollo the platform of choice for high throughput and yield.   Increased capacity, however, does not require additional floor space, as Apollo maintains a small factory footprint in a single line configuration that allows for modularity and flexibility.  The system is fully optimized for ultra fine-line printing, Print-on-Print, Selective Emitter and MWT processes, incorporates handling, conveyor and drying equipment and has the ability to seamlessly integrate directly with other PV production processes.   Engineered to align with the PV Industry Roadmap, Apollo is a future-proofed platform that makes next-generation technologies practical.  

"The development of Apollo and its subsequent industry affirmation is proof of the strength of DEK Solar's approach to continuous innovation," says Darren Brown in conclusion. "Each of our metallization platforms has won a Solar Industry Award – first PV 1200, then Eclipse and, now, Apollo.  We thank the organizers of the awards program and all those who voted for Apollo, and we wholeheartedly look forward to providing future meaningful contributions that help advance alternative energy technology."

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