DEK Solar's Apollo Metallization Platform Wins Gigawatt Gold Award at SNEC

During last month's International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference and Exhibition (SNEC) in Shanghai, China, DEK Solar capped off a highly successful show with a big award win.   Recognizing the impact of DEK Solar's Apollo metallization platform on high cell efficiency and low-cost production, the SNEC show organizers awarded the technology with its Gigawatt Gold Award.

To enable show delegates to maximize their event visit, the SNEC organizing committee presents the Top 10 Highlights Awards to help distinguish the most advanced technologies and products.  DEK Solar's Apollo platform was honoured with the prestigious Gigawatt Gold prize during on May 22nd at a special SNEC award ceremony. 

Accepting the honour on behalf of DEK Solar was the company's Alternative Energy Business Development Director, Darren Brown.  "Apollo continues to enable next-generation, high-efficiency cell processes such as print-on-print and manufacturers are increasingly turning to the platform to confidently expand existing manufacturing capacity," said Brown.  "Winning this award is incredibly gratifying and underscores the important contributions that Apollo is making to the PV industry."

A small-footprint, future-proofed metallization platform, Apollo offers today's solar cell manufacturers unsurpassed quality, precision and yield levels with exceptionally low cost of ownership.  With +/- 10 µm accuracy at 2 Cpk, a low breakage rate of less than 0.15% and guaranteed performance upheld by a standard three-year warranty that is offered on all DEK Solar platforms, Apollo is the benchmark for effective cell metallization on any substrate with wafer alignment capability that supports multiple process techniques.  At SNEC, Apollo was showcased with DEK Solar's new Solar Sentinel technology.  A novel inspection technology that verifies material coverage for 45 µm lines, detects cell edge chips and senses complete wafer breaks, Solar Sentinel safeguards the metallization process for outstanding results.  A "go/no go" feature accepts or rejects the print and wafer integrity all in real time so as to ensure maximum throughput with minimal yield loss. 

"Following a capacity expanding, multi-system Apollo order on day one of SNEC, winning the Gigawatt Gold award for the same platform was icing on the cake," says Brown in conclusion. "It's very validating to see this exceptional technology get the recognition it deserves and we  sincerely thank the show organizers for highlighting Apollo's importance by selecting it for this accolade."

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