DEK Enjoys APEX Advantage; Posts Platform and Stencil Sales During the Event

Last month's APEX event in San Diego, California proved to be a very successful show for printing technology frontrunner, DEK.  Not only did the company help booth visitors with their print process challenges at the DEK Solutions Centre, but it also leveraged its show visibility and expert staff to sign on several new customers.

DEK's reputation as the printing technology leader was enough to send Engineering Concepts Unlimited (ECU) Incorporated's Chief Engineer, Adam Suchko, to APEX to have a closer look at the company's advanced print platforms.  Based in Fishers, Indiana, the design manufacturing firm specialising in high-reliability, high-end engine control technologies had been evaluating print platforms for well over two years.  "We thoroughly analysed several printing systems at APEX, looking at everything from the bearings to the vacuum pumps to the ability to add specific features today and in the future," noted Suchko.  "After visiting several printing equipment manufacturers at the event, we ultimately decided on DEK's Horizon 03iX platform for a number of reasons."

Suchko added "DEK's fundamental machine quality and reliability along with its HawkEye Bridging 100% print verification system were critical in our decision to partner with DEK. But, DEK's unmatched service is what sets the company apart.  In our view, you're not buying a machine, you're buying the people and the support behind it and DEK is the clear choice – without a doubt.  We're already seeing this and the machine hasn’t even been delivered yet!"

Show delegates who visited DEK experienced the company's full range of technical innovations, print process expertise and comprehensive approach to ensuring robust printing performance.  This included not only the print platform capability, but also the yield-enhancing advantages DEK's Process Support Products.  Just launched at APEX 2013, DEK's VectorGuard™ High Tension stencil technology was so compelling that the first product sale was realised within an hour of the show's opening.  "We have immense confidence in the benefits of this new product," commented Rick Goldsmith, Global Process Support Products Manager. "The value of VectorGuard High Tension is undeniable.  In fact, a demonstration during the opening hour of the show resulted in an on-the-spot purchase, which was a fantastic endorsement of the product’s visible advantages."

VectorGuard High Tension is DEK’s latest stencil innovation and the evolution of its award-winning VectorGuard interchangeable stencil system.  With tension that is 45% greater than that of previous-generation products, VectorGuard High Tension delivers excellent solder paste deposition and definition, better transfer efficiency for highly miniaturised components, zero tension loss over the life of the stencil and  improved process control for greater end-of-line yield.  VectorGuard High Tension's additional tension capability is achieved through evolved mechanical frame technology, so those already using VectorGuard can incorporate current foils with the new frame and easily integrate existing products into the new frame system.

In addition to significant platform and stencil sales, DEK's APEX presence uncovered multiple new partnership opportunities and helped showcase the team’s depth of process expertise.  "We were delighted with the results from APEX," concluded DEK Electronics Assembly Americas General Manager, Brian Smith.  "Our pre-show promotional and outreach efforts certainly got customers and prospects to our exhibit and partner demos.  And, our knowledgeable team was able to illustrate how DEK solves process challenges and delivers leading-edge technology for a more efficient operation.  We exceeded our objectives."

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DEK is a global provider of advanced materials deposition technologies and support solutions including printing equipment platforms, stencils, precision screens and mass imaging processes used across a wide range of applications in electronics pre-placement subassembly, semiconductor wafer manufacture, and alternative energy component production. For more information, visit DEK at

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