Dehider Blades feature a v-tooth design.

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Dehider Blades come in an outer diameter of 4.3 in./110 mm and are equipped with bushings for mounting. Made of high-quality steel, these units allow users to reduce waste and deliver the possible hide quality from beef, hogs or sheep carcasses. Products are suitable for food processing industry applications and are manufactured to the exact tolerances under ISO 9001:2015 factory conditions.

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New Dehider Blades for Beef Cattle, Hogs and Sheep Remain Sharp Over Time to Help Reduce Damage and Increase Yield

Available in stock for immediate delivery

In the food processing industry, processors strive daily to get the most yield and use out of all parts of an animal. Waste can result in loss of income and profits. New Dehider Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS), are designed to assist operators in reducing waste and deliver the highest possible hide quality from beef, hogs or sheep carcasses without damaging holes or marks. 

Hyde Dehider Blades are tested extensively on the toughest regions of the animal’s body including necks and fore legs to withstand the harshest conditions over time. They are manufactured to exacting tolerances under ISO 9001:2015 factory conditions, and are equal to or better in performance than blades found on OEM dehider tools to assure consistent throughput in plant conditions.

Made in the USA from durable, high-quality tool steel for long life, Hyde Dehider Blades are available for immediate delivery. These blades are engineered with a v-tooth design along the outer edge and are provided in matched pairs to ensure proper alignment and operation. They come sized at 4.3”/110 mm OD (outer dimension) and are supplied with bushings for proper mounting.

Having recently celebrated its 140th year in business, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions is a leading producer of industrial knives and blades for a wide variety of markets including food processing, cloth and textile and leather, hose and tube, tire and rubber, plastics processing, paper converting, packaging and abrasives as well as for general industrial applications. Hyde Tools, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of industrial machine and hand knives and tools for remodeling, restoration, building trades and do-it-yourselfers in North America.

For more information on new Dehider Blades, contact Hyde IBS, 54 Eastford Road, Southbridge, MA 01550. Phone: 800-872-4933. For more information, visit our website and download our brochure at:

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