Degaussers have DoD approval for Type I and II media.

Press Release Summary:

Engineered for various audio and data cassettes and cartridges, Model 870/D utilizes dual magnetic coils in V configuration for erasure to -75 dB. Conveyor belt transports media over coils at rate of 8 ips for uniform signal removal. Fully shielded desktop Model 1090 erases standard and high-density 5¼ and 3½ in. floppy formats, while Model 1100 Degaussing Wand erases disk drives, drum type memories, multiple platter diskpacks, floppies, and any flat surface magnetic memory.

Original Press Release:

Degaussers for Reliable Erasure of Magnetic Media

WESTBORO, MA User friendly, yet powerful, Security Engineered Machinery's line of degaussing equipment provides a quick, effective method for erasing a wide range of magnetic media. Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for the declassification of Type I and Type II media, these magnetic devices completely remove all recorded information in a single pass, allowing tapes and diskettes to be reused multiple times with no interference from previous signals.

The new Model 870/D is a light weight, compact degausser designed to meet the exacting standards of the broadcast, voice logging, instrumentation recording, and data storage industries. It utilizes dual magnetic coils in a "V" configuration for deep erasure to -75 decibels, the equivalent of a new, unused tape.

The 870/D is engineered for use with VHS, S-VHS and Betacam video cassettes, DVC and DAT Audio, as well as 4 and 8mm data cartridges. High throughput (1,800 VHS cassettes/hour) is achieved with its continuous duty conveyor belt, which transports media over the dual coils at the constant rate of 8 inches per second, assuring uniform signal removal.

For maximum control in data protection, the Model 1090 Degausser provides complete erasure of both Standard-Density (325 oersted) and High-Density (750+ oersted) 5 ¼", 3 ½", and smaller floppy formats, in a convenient, desktop device. Its high-energy magnetic circuit creates a full-cycle field that reliably removes all remnant information, allowing software duplicators to improve quality, and eliminating the need to shred/destroy used diskettes for security purposes. Unlike other degaussers with bare magnets, the Model 1090 is a fully shielded device; there is no way that it can accidentally effect other magnetic media that may be nearby.

The Model 1100 Degaussing Wand is an easy to use tool that provides high security level erasure of disk drives, drum type memories, multiple platter diskpacks, floppies, and any flat surface magnetic memory. Weighing just 14 ounces, it uses a multi-polar design that insures minimum flux levels of 6,000 gauss and provides full hysteresis of all magnetic states in a matter of seconds. A magnetic shield is provided for safe storage of the degaussing wand and holes in the handle allow for convenient wall hanging when it is not in use.

Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) was established in 1967, and is the largest direct supplier of document destruction equipment in the United States. In addition to supplying off-the-shelf units, SEM maintains a full-service engineering department that designs specialty products. Nearly 200 of their currency destruction systems are currently in use with the Federal Reserve Bank and other central banks, making SEM the largest supplier of currency destruction systems in the world. Other areas of expertise include size reduction systems and equipment for destroying off-spec or returned product for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries, and heavy-duty, high-capacity shredders for recycling applications. Positioned to serve customers globally, there are over 100 SEM Authorized Service Centers worldwide.

For more information, contact Lisa Gauvin, Sales Manager Security Engineered Machinery, PO Box 1045, Westboro, MA 01581, TEL: (508) 366-1488, FAX: (508) 366-6814,

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