Definite Purpose Contactors carry UL approval.

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Featuring contact ratings to 600 V, XMC0 Series HVAC/R contactors incorporate heavy-duty silver cadmium oxide contacts, double E magnet assembly, and dust-proof structure. Products feature 155°C, Class F coils, available with variety of voltages at 50/60 Hz. Along with non-position sensitive mounting, contactors offer various terminal options and feature universal mounting plate. Series is available with 1-3 poles and 1 pole plus shunt.

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XMC0 Series Definite Purpose Contactor

Aliso Viejo, California - The Zettler Controls series of HVAC/R contactors now has UL approval. The XMC0 Series of high performance definite purpose contactors offers contact ratings up to 600V and includes Class F coils. In addition to UL ratings, the XMC0 contactors also meet the ARI 780/790 standard.


o Various terminal options for specific application needs
o Universal mounting plate eliminates changing hole patterns during replacement
o Convenient non-position sensitive mounting
o Heavy-duty silver cadmium oxide contacts
o 155°C, Class F coils available with a wide range of voltages at 50/60 Hz
o Double E magnet assembly provides optimal performance with reduced power consumption
o Effective dust-proof structure
o UL File E222994

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Product: XMCO series

Description: Definite Purpose Contactor

1, 2 and 3 Poles and 1 pole + shunt
25, 32, 40 FLA
Universal Mounting Plate
Variety of Termination Options
Standard and Compact forms

Applications: Air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, lighting, pools/spas

Availability: Sample quantity available Production 10 weeks

Price: Contact office

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