Defining Custom Boxes?

Not a day goes by at Avatar Packaging, Inc. that we don't get at least one inquiry from someone looking for a stock box purchase or maybe some cheap, overrun deals we have on the floor. Normally, we respond that we manufacture custom boxes and that all our cartons are spoken for under an existing purchase order. They are not for sale. Next we get, what does "custom boxes" mean?

Webster defines custom as made to the specifications of a purchaser. Avatar customizes a box with print on the carton; or designs the box with unique sizes; or adds special interior packaging made out of corrugated or foam. Our ISO certification is dependent on us documenting the custom corrugated container and it's interior packaging from inception. In addition, Avatar has established a filing system that maintains all the revisions that a package may take over the life cycle of the product it was designed to protect. This way we make what the customer needs even if the new Buyer is not sure.

The dictionary also defines custom as a practice followed as a matter of course. The custom of having multiple human hands touch every box ensures that our boxes are made to the production card and glued straight. Our boxes are easier to work with during pack-out and have extremely low jam rates with automated or conveyor systems. We have had less than ½ of 1 percent rejection rate of our custom boxes over the last 20 years. Quality, custom boxes saves everyone time and money.

Custom boxes can be much cheaper than off-the-shelf cartons when you consider minimum quantity orders, transportation fees, and the cost of foam peanuts. Therefore, let Avatar Packaging, Inc. define custom boxes as giving you what you want, when you want it by employees who love hand-making your boxes!

Avatar Packaging, Inc. is ISO 9001-2008 certified and backs their products with the quality control statement of "Quality First Time - Every Time". Do not hesitate to contact Avatar Packaging, Inc. with any of your packaging needs by calling 813-888-9141 or via email at

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