Decrease Load Sway with Sway Control from Konecranes

SPRINGFIELD, OH – Konecranes Sway Control technology has been designed to reduce risks from overhead crane load sway to enhances productivity, safety and efficiency.

Sway Control is a Konecranes control feature that has been designed to minimize the load from swinging during overhead crane travel. Sway Control has been designed for a safer means to move loads at higher speeds while positioning the load more accurately. Operators can also apply faster speeds in process areas where the crane or trolley traditionally requires operation at slower speeds, even close to walls. By automatically dampening load sway, Konecranes Sway Control has been designed to maximize uptime by reducing swinging loads that can lead to production delays and downtime.

Combating load sway is a demanding skill that requires the operator to divide attention between controlling crane movements and monitoring the load itself. Sway Control from Konecranes has been designed to allow the operator to concentrate on the surrounding environment and select a safe travelling path. Sway Control from Konecranes has been designed so new or less experienced crane operators that have been properly trained, as required by OSHA, can control and position loads with precision and predictability and operate all motions simultaneously both in manual and optional automatic modes.

Sway Control from Konecranes stabilizes load movements in trolley traverse and/or bridge travel directions. When accelerating, Sway Control reads the operator's speed command and modifies the speed reference so that the requested speed is reached with minimal sway of the load. When decelerating, Sway Control minimizes the sway while the motion comes to rest.

Sway Control from Konecranes can be can be integrated into the bridge or trolley inverter of the crane to provide controlled operation for loads of all types and sizes. Initial settings for Sway Control from Konecranes are set up on the Service Display Unit during start-up. The crane operator can activate the Sway Control function with the selector switch on the operator interface. Sway Control from Konecranes can be retrofitted onto existing cranes as well.

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