Decision Support Software offers data overview and drill-down.

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Combining rich drilldown detail, portability, and dynamic interaction, iView Web Desktop provides dashboard framework with optimized distillation and organization of data layered on top of proprietary Web Tracking visibility. Solution offers overall snapshot in one system while still allowing users to drill down to basics. Functionality accommodates decision makers who need to see certain key indicators and multiple comparative sets of data in parallel without changing context/focus.

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IES, Ltd. Advances Dashboard Technology with iView

MIDLAND PARK, N.J. -- Award-winning transportation software provider, IES, Ltd., announces the release of its new product, iView Web Desktop. The launch is just one in a series of strategic announcements for the software vendor. The highly anticipated product rollout offers what the company believes to be the best in underlying technology coupled with one of the most innovative visual experiences available on the market.

With rich drilldown detail, portability, dynamic interaction and ease of use within a robust dashboard framework, the dashboard is a higher-level distillation and organization of data layered on top of the company's proven Web Tracking visibility. IES states that its goal is to provide an overall snapshot in one system while still drilling down to the basics.

Andrew Bullen, President and CEO of IES, Ltd. explains, "We've combined the best of business intelligence platforms, the best of dashboard products and the very best in development in one offering. A dynamic dashboard was our number-one goal; however, the real challenge was compressing all of the data and delivering it in a single dashboard. True KPI functionality is achieved when vendor analytics, utilization, carrier statistics, and delivery accuracy are conveyed in real time. There is a strong return when business users can instantly access, analyze and drilldown through a variety of data. We believe that herein lies the key to understanding business efficacy.

We envision being more than just a commonly referenced 'one-stop shop' for facts and figures. Instead, it is our goal to be more of a go-to resource that acts as a sounding board for your business -- a portal to information. As we look toward 2011 and beyond, we hope you agree that technology is one of the essential components to information and one of the key facets to long-term success. Our goal is to be your gateway to trade information.

Success is just as inherent in the specifics as it is in higher-level processes. Overall, our plan is twofold. We want to provide our customers both with a top-level dashboard view, but also realize that it's essential to optimize every day operational tasks. Imagine an online mapping system where you can zoom-out to a world view, but can just as easily zoom-in to street level detail. Now, picture this same tool applied to your business. The higher-level view is equally as important as the operational specifics. Both perspectives are key to overall understanding.

Decision makers need to see certain key indicators and multiple comparative sets of data in parallel without changing context or focus. Essentially, this allows them to assess higher-level performance indicators while visualizing the intricacies of their business. The IES iView Web Dashboard is representative of this vision."

About IES, Ltd.

With offices throughout the United States and in Asia, IES, Ltd. is one of the largest transportation software providers in North America. In operation for over 20 years, the IES suite of import and export solutions serve Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, Customs Brokers and other transportation intermediaries. IES's product offerings adjust to the changes and complexities inherent when doing business in the global arena. Please visit, email or call +1.201.639.5000 for more information.

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