Deburring Machine performs 4 functions in one process.

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Suited for small to medium-sized workpieces that may be inherently delicate or intricate, CoolPulse 200(TM) electrolytic machine deburrs, polishes, stress relieves, and cleans in one finishing process. Machine can remove rough surfaces from 2.5-5 µm Ra and produce smooth surfaces down to 0.1 µm Ra, providing bright or mirror-like finish on stainless steel and bright to matte finish on aluminum. Electrolyte used in process consists of chilled, non-fuming, odorless, near-neutral solution.

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A Brilliant Finish: Innovative Electrolytic Deburring from Extrude Hone

IRWIN, PENNSYLVANIA USA (Feb 15, 2008) - The new CoolPulse 200(TM) electrolytic deburring and polishing machine from Extrude Hone performs four key functions: deburrs, polishes, stress relieves, and cleans - all in one finishing process. During the process, stainless steel or aluminum workpieces are not subject to mechanical or thermal stresses, and the process exhibits high efficiency in production.

A "cool" and environmentally friendly process
CoolPulse is ideally suited for small to medium-sized workpieces that may be inherently delicate or intricate by design. Typical fields of applications are medical components such as scissors, scalpels, stents or orthopedic implants and sophisticated parts for aerospace, semi-conductor, and the automobile industry. CoolPulse ECM technology from Extrude Hone is virtually applicable for nearly all conventional metals and metal alloys.

In the CoolPulse ECM process, the workpiece to be machined is immersed in an electrolyte solution, the "liquid tool," as a low voltage is applied. The proprietary electrolyte used in the process is a chilled, non-fuming, odorless, near-neutral solution, rendering it very safe for handling, and is considered environmentally friendly. The solution possesses high electrical resistance, enabling high selectivity and high discrimination for the removal of burrs and peaks on workpiece surfaces.

As a rule, and unlike other electrolytic processes, outside surfaces of the workpiece can be processed in the absence of complicated conformal cathode tooling. The liquid bath used in the CoolPulse process is able to treat many different types of metals with only minor changes to the electrical settings on the machine.

Brilliant results
While the CoolPulse 200 is optimized for edge effect (deburring), substantial surface and cleanliness improvements are a natural by-product of the process. CoolPulse processing is capable of removing rough surfaces - 2.5 to 5 µm Ra (100 to 200 µ inches) and producing ultra-smooth surfaces down to 0.1 µm Ra (4 µ inches) and is ideally suited for small- to medium-sized workpieces. In fact, it produces bright, or mirror like, finishes on stainless steel and bright to matte finishes on aluminum.

In addition, "short process times are a prominent feature." says Jim Koroskenyi, Product Manager at Extrude Hone: "The CoolPulse process is significantly faster than typical electropolishing. Average cycle times range from 15 seconds up to 3 minutes; smaller components typically take 10 to 15 seconds."

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About EXTRUDE HONE Corporation
Extrude Hone Corporation, located in Irwin, Pennsylvania, defined a new level of quality and control for manufacturers worldwide when in 1966 the company invented and patented the Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) process-a new and revolutionary method to deburr, polish, and radius difficult-to-reach surfaces. Today, Extrude Hone is a leading developer and supplier of advanced manufacturing processes, machine tools, and contract machining services for deburring, polishing, surface finishing, and edge conditioning. Extrude Hone is also a major provider of engineered finishing solutions to the automotive, aerospace, fluid power, food processing, semiconductor, medical, and mold and die industries worldwide. The company provides these technologies to industry in the form of capital equipment and contract job shop services through their direct sales force and global network of Contract Service Centers. Extrude Hone Corporation is a subsidiary of Kennametal Inc. Visit us at

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