DD-7 Double Disc Grinder offers material removal of 0.25mm per side.

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With tight flatness tolerances required in continuous spool to spool process, DD-7 Double Disc Grinder offers infeed extractor coupled with spool feeding and collection systems. Extracting the material without operator intervention, device enables feed rate of 6 meters per minute. Offering Tolerance of (+/-0.025mm) +/-0.001, unit Grinds 25mm strip from 2.9 down to 2.42.

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Glebar Develops Advanced Double Disc Grinding Process for Sizing High Performance Engineered Thermoplastic Strip Material

The Latest Glebar DD-7 Double Disc Grinder Dramatically Reduces Cycle Times, Footprint and Operator Intervention.

RAMSEY, N.J., November 15, 2016  Glebar (www.Glebar.com) has developed a double disc grinding process on its DD-7 Double Disc Grinder for materials suppliers and manufacturers of high performance composites that expedites the grinding of composite strips used as low friction, bearing elements in various industries from aerospace to automotive leading to reduced production costs and enhanced quality.

A recent case study for a major supplier of sealing solutions demonstrates how the automated DD-7 was able to cut the grinding rate down nearly four times versus the previous manual method utilized by the customer.

The main challenge was to achieve the tight flatness tolerances required in a continuous spool to spool process by double side grinding the strip at a fast throughput rate. This process was facilitated by the use of a tractor and two 10€ grinding wheels with material feeding and extraction using spool assemblies. A unique grinding wheel configuration allowed the material to be rapidly removed while maintaining a thickness tolerance on a product that is engineered to be wear resistant by nature.

Results of the case study are as follows:

Feed rate: 6 meters per minute (19 feet per minute)

Grind: 25mm strip 2.9 down to 2.42

Material removal: 0.25mm per side

0.010 per side Tolerance: (+/-0.025mm) +/-0.001

The double disc grinding development process for composite strips can be an arduous task. Prior to using the DD-7, one of the largest challenges our customers had with grinding this type of material and shape was the limitations of belt sanding machines which require multiple passes on each side, requiring operator handling and take up a lot of floor space, said Robert Gleason, VP of Engineering for Glebar Company. By utilizing the DD-7 s tractor infeed extractor coupled with spool feeding and collection systems, the ability for continuous feeding, grinding and extracting the material without operator intervention was possible. The machine also had to be built, assessed and tested to accept the CE mark. Several standards including the EU Machinery Directive and EMC directive insured that the DD-7 is in conformity with CE standards.

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