DCD Expands Digital Dentistry Business with Additional Stratasys 3D Printer

MINNEAPOLIS and REHOVOT, Israel, -- German dental lab, DCD, has moved from traditional dental plaster moulds to 3D printed models, increasing quality and productivity, now with an additional 3D printer

Stratasys ( [ http://www.stratasys.com ]NASDAQ: SSYS), a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and production systems for prototyping and manufacturing, today announced that German dental laboratory, Dental Consulting Dohrn GmbH [ http://www.dcd-dohrn.de ] (DCD), has seen an increase in productivity following the installation of an additional Objet Eden260V 3D Printer [ http://www.stratasys.com/3d-printers/design-series/precision/objet-eden260v ].

Since introducing Stratasys 3D printing into its workflow in January 2012, the company has been able to 3D print dental and ortho models, better quality to those produced manually, in a much shorter timeframe and at a significantly lower cost.

"The first time we utilized a digital workflow, I was amazed at the accuracy and quality of 3D printed dental models in comparison to our traditional plaster models," says Heiko Dohrn, Master Dental Technician at DCD. "We've seen immediate benefits where we can now produce a high number of extremely accurate models, all in a single print job. With analog procedures in the past, manufacturing at that level was just not possible. The intraoral scan files, mainly, 3Shape Trios, and diverse software for all areas allow us to support the German dental market and universities with very precise products- this is a real game-changer for us."

Based in Frankfurt, DCD has over 30 years' experience as an independent dental laboratory and has been delivering dental solutions to dental practices nationwide and worldwide for almost 50 years. Markus Dohrn, Deputy Managing Director at DCD and son of Heiko Dohrn says that, customers have been amazed by the new possibilities enabled by digital dentistry and has since led to a 32% increase in efficiency. "This is what led us to install our second system in July this year - we found this technology addresses our needs and having two machines allows us to manage our workflow even more effectively," explains Heiko Dohrn.

Using Stratasys technology, DCD 3D prints a number of dental and ortho applications including bridges, individual implants, crowns, veneers, manufacture rails, retainers and many more. The traditional manual process is old, time-consuming and imprecise; Stratasys' 3D Printing, in combination with for example, 3Shape software, accelerates, precision and offers unexpected opportunities for material improvement.

"DCD [ http://www.dcd-dohrn.de ] is just one of many dental labs today becoming much more competitive by introducing 3D printing into their workflow," says Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental at Stratasys. "With hundreds of installations worldwide, our Objet Eden260V 3D Printers continue to demonstrate that both high accuracy and resolution is urgently required in this market. We believe dental labs are now reaping the benefits of 3D printing, with the increase in quality and productivity enabling them to offer an extended range of services to customers, at more competitive prices."

The Objet Eden260V 3D Printer with the special VeroDent material is the rapid prototyping solution of choice for many dental labs worldwide for a wide range of applications, from stone models and orthodontic appliances, right through to models for clear aligners, retainers and surgical guides. The Objet Eden260V prints at 16-micron layers is designed to deliver professional-grade models with exceptional details and accuracy.

Watch this video to learn how DCD's move to a digital workflow has benefitted their business: http://youtu.be/LRU0dk0KBJQh  [ http://youtu.be/LRU0dk0KBJQ ].

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