DC to AC Inverters deliver 1 kVA sine wave output voltage.

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Housed in 5 x 5 x 15.6 in. package, CSI 1K–U5515 Series employs microprocessor controlled, high frequency PWM technology. Modular units provide single, regulated pure sine wave output of 115 Vac/8.7 Arms continuous at 400 Hz or 60 Hz, or 230 Vac/4.3 Arms continuous at 50 Hz. Standard DC input voltages include 48, 110, or 125 Vdc. Operating over 0–50°C temperature range without derating, inverters feature 1,700 Vdc input to output isolation and are suited for heavy-duty industrial applications.

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1kVA Pure Sine Wave Inverters Suit Heavy-Duty Applications

The CSI 1K–U5515 series of rugged, modular, dc-ac inverter systems employ field proven microprocessor controlled high frequency PWM technology to deliver 1kVA sine wave output voltage. They are suitable for a broad range of heavy-duty industrial applications that require "clean", stable AC-power.

New microprocessor controlled conversion topology and an innovative internal mechanical design enable high efficiency, compact construction, low weight and low price. The ruggedly constructed units measure 127 x 127 x 397 mm (5" x 5" x 15.6").

The inverters provide a single, regulated pure sine wave output of 115Vac/8.7Arms continuous at 400Hz or 60Hz, or 230Vac/4.3Arms continuous at 50Hz. Standard DC-input voltages include 48Vdc (42–56V), 110Vdc (90–130V) or 125Vdc (106–145V). Other input and output voltages are available on request. The input and output have a dual stage high performance filter which ensures low noise; the input meets EN55022 Class A conducted and radiated requirements with wide margins.

The CSI 1K–U5515 inverters comply with C22.2 No. 107.1-01, UL 458 and EN/UL60950-1 and equivalent internationally recognized industrial safety standards. They have 1700Vdc input to output isolation (which may differ depending on the voltage requirements), and protection for overload, over voltage, short-circuit and inrush current. A high quality built-in fan provides sufficient cooling for operation at full specification over a 0°C to +50°C temperature range without de-rating. Extended temperature ranges and conformal coating are available for operation in severe environments. Remote shutdown and an output fail alarm (Form C) are also available on request.

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Established in 1982, ABSOPULSE Electronics specializes in the design and manufacture of high reliability, heavy-duty switch-mode power conversion products for the railway, automotive, industrial automation, power utilities, mining, marine and telecommunications sectors.

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The company's product line includes AC-DC power supplies and battery chargers, DC-DC converters, sine-wave inverters, phase and frequency converters, DC-input dimmable back-light inverters for LCD displays, DC-output UPS systems, laboratory power supplies and complete power systems in 19" and 23" racks.

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ABSOPULSE provides cost-effective solutions to almost any input, output and mechanical configuration requirement. 

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