DC Sump Pump is specifically built as backup solution.

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Rated 30 gpm at 10 ft, Aquanot® 508 provides emergency basement flood protection. Battery backup sump pump comes with charger with information display and programmable options, adjustable switch, battery box, and installation parts. Also available, Pro-Pak versions come assembled with primary sump pumps. Legs allow free-standing installation, and 12 V pump features non-corrosive construction. Other features include quick disconnect discharge, aluminum seal pocket and cooling plate, and alarms.

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New DC 508 Back up Pump Offers Best Performance

Aquanot 508 DC Sump Pump

We’ve been hearing it for years.  “I need something better!  I’m tired of those back up bilge pumps that don’t pump as fast as they say.  My customers’ basements deserve better.  When will Zoeller develop an alternative?!”

As usual, you are right!  The time has come for the better backup sump pump.  Homeowners and contractors alike deserve a pump that not only has the performance that it claims, but is built to last.  The nature of a backup pump puts it in a demanding role of needing to work, and work well, after years of near neglect.

Zoeller Company is proud to announce the new standard in battery backup sump pumps, the brand new Aquanot 508.  Unlike the competition’s products, this is not a re-purposed bilge pump.  Zoeller has designed, machined, and engineered this pump from the ground up, right here in the US.  Built with Zoeller’s well-known tradition of quality and integrity, each pump must pass rugged individual testing and meet exacting performance standards.  So, you can count on it working right out of the box and for years to come.

With a legitimate 30 gallons per minute at 10’, homeowners and contractors can now feel confident in the performance and build quality of the backup pump entrusted with emergency basement flood protection.  The Aquanot 508 system comes complete with the all-new charger with information display and programmable options, adjustable switch, battery box, and installation parts.  Also available are Pro-Pak versions which come factory assembled with primary sump pumps.

Item NumberDescription508-0005Aquanot 508508-0006Aquanot 508 M53 Pro-Pak508-0007Aquanot 508 M98 Pro-Pak

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