DC Power System outputs 5-125 Vdc to 425 W.

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Modular Redundant DC Power System includes input switches and fuses, output present indicators, isolation diodes, and failure alarm circuits. Unit and 2 power supplies, which are hot swappable, may be mounted to DIN rail, wall, chassis, or cabinet frame. User plugs in 2 cables and connects AC input power and load for operation.

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Modular Redundant DC Power Systems

These systems eliminate the hassle usually associated with combining power supply outputs for redundancy; all you need to do is plug in the two cables and connect AC input power and the load. Input switches and fuses, 'output present' indicators, isolation diodes and failure alarm circuits are included in the system integration module. It and the two power supplies (which are hot-swapable) may be easily mounted to a DIN rail, wall, chassis or cabinet frame. Output ratings from 5 to 125 Vdc, to 425 watts. Other redundant output systems are available in rack- and wall-mounting configurations.

Prices: from $895.00 to $1710.00

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