DC Power Optimizer maximizes solar energy harvest.

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Designed for photovoltaic panels, SunMizer(TM) recovers power that is lost when shade falls on solar panel. By isolating shaded solar panels from rest of panels in series connected string, SunMizer prevents shaded panels from drawing down power output of unshaded panels. At same time, system harvests power from shaded panels and contributes that power to string.

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SunMizer DC Power Optimizer to Be Introduced at Solar Power International 2009

DC Power Optimizer with 'Selective Installation' Increases Solar Power Harvest

PETALUMA, Calif., Sept. 29 /-- Xandex Solar, the solar products and services division of Xandex Inc. announced today that its new SunMizer(TM) DC power optimizer for photovoltaic panels will be introduced at Solar Power International 2009 in Anaheim, CA , October 27-29 in booth # 2252.

SunMizer is a new DC power optimizer that increases solar energy harvest by recovering power that is lost when shade falls on a solar panel. By isolating the shaded solar panel(s) from the rest of the panels in a series connected string, SunMizer prevents the shaded panel from drawing down the power output of the unshaded panels. At the same time, SunMizer harvests power from the shaded panel and contributes that power to the string. The result is recovered power that would normally be lost due to shade.

"Our real world test cases show that we can recover over 50% of system level power loss with SunMizer installed on only a portion of the panels in a string or array," said Tim Kubes, Solar Products Sales and Marketing Manager for Xandex Solar. "With selective installation only on shaded panels, SunMizer costs less to install, and that means faster payback. . . unmatched payback compared to similar products that require full string installation."

Each SunMizer unit will ship with a limited 20 year warranty that includes a provision for replacement labor. Product shipments to the US will begin in Q1 2010.

About Xandex Solar

Xandex Solar is the solar products and services division of Xandex, Inc. Organized in 2007, our mission is to be a premier provider of solar energy solutions worldwide. Our parent company, Xandex Inc. was founded as a technology startup in 1981 to design and manufacture innovative solutions for the semiconductor test and packaging industry. Continuing in that tradition of technological innovation, Xandex Solar is undertaking research and development projects to improve PV conversion efficiency, reduce the cost of solar electricity and increase adoption of solar electric systems.

URL: www.xandexsolar.com

CONTACT: Sales, Ted Wong, +1-707-763-7799, ext. 179, or Toll Free, 1-800-767-9543, twong@xandex.com, both of Xandex Solar

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