DC Output Add-On enhances AC power sources' capabilities.

Press Release Summary:

Used to augment Pacific Power Source programmable AC power sources, DCR600-20 adds DC output voltage programming up to 600 Vdc and with up to 20 Adc of output current per unit. AMX Series linear AC power source have bandwidth lack of bulk capacitance on output, which makes them capable of supporting voltage slew rates required for avionics compliance test standards – Mil-Std 704, RTCA/DO160 section 16, Airbus ABD and Boeing 747B3 – when used with DC power output option.

Original Press Release:

Pacific Power Source Adds DC Output Capability to its AC Power Sources

Irvine, California -- Pacific Power Source is pleased to announce the release of its brand new DC Power Output option. Packaged as an add-on module to many of Pacific Power Sources’ programmable AC power source models, the new DCR600-20 adds DC output voltage programming up to 600Vdc and with up to 20Adc of output current per unit.

Long a provider of precision programmable AC Power Source for development, test and production application of AC powered products, Pacific Power Source is now providing its customers with additional capabilities for testing DC products as well.

While general purpose programmable DC supplies are available from a wide range of suppliers, they have in common that they have limited DC voltage slew capability due to the amount of bulk storage capacitance at their output. This makes it difficult if not impossible to meet several avionics compliance test standards for DC Bus simulation which require very fast slew rates.  Since the Pacific Power Source AMX Series of linear AC power source have a wide bandwidth no bulk capacitance on their output, they are capable of supporting the much higher voltage slew rates required for these tests. With the addition of the DCR600-20 option, these AC Power Sources that have historically been used to perform AC power bus compliance testing will now also support DC testing.

Examples of Avionics test standards that include DC bus testing are Mil-Std 704, RTCA/DO160 section 16, Airbus ABD and Boeing 747B3. Pacific Power Source already offers the broadest library of AC Power avionics test sequences in the industry, it is now expanding this portfolio with DC test sequences as well.

“We are excited to be able to offer this greatly expanded range of DC test capabilities to our customers who have been asking for us to fill this void in the marketplace. This new addition to our growing portfolio of products allows our customers to get increased use and value from their existing AC Power Source investment.” according to Herman van Eijkelenburg, Director of Marketing for Pacific Power Source.

About Pacific Power Source:

Pacific Power Source, Inc., founded in 1973, is a world leader in high-performance AC Power Sources and Power Conversion Equipment. The company designs and manufactures its products at its headquarters and main facility in Irvine, Calif., and maintains sales and service centers in the US, China, the United Kingdom and Germany. In addition, Pacific Power Source has a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.

Pacific’s products range in power from 500 VA to greater than 625 kVA. Products are used in Power Line Conditioning, Frequency Conversion and Programmable AC Test Power applications.  The company can also design and customize products to exacting customer specifications.

Major markets served by Pacific Power Source include Commercial/Industrial and Military, with applications ranging from Research and Development and Manufacturing to Facility Power.  Key market segments include Aerospace, Appliances (“Whiteware”), Communications, Computers, Government Laboratories, Lighting, and Test and Measurement Instrumentation. The company’s customers include a broad array of domestic, military, and multinational firms with operations throughout the world.

For more information on this product, please visit http://www.pacificpower.com or call us at (949) 251-1800, or email sales@pacificpower.com.

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