DC Motors and Gearmotors suit wet and humid areas.

Press Release Summary:

With max rating of ¼ hp @ 2,500 rpm, DC Washguard® products meet IP55 environmental conditions and feature stainless steel or Mirolon 3300 fortified Teflon® output shafts. Motors are offered with face or base mounting. Gearmotors with parallel output shaft have ration options from 5:1 up to 336:1, with full-load torque exceeding 300 in-lbs. Right angle shaft configurations offer ration options from 5:1-60:1, single stage, with torque up to 135 lb-in.

Original Press Release:

New Washguard® Sub-Fractional DC Motors and Gearmotors

LEESON Electric is the first sub-fractional motor and gearmotor manufacturer to introduce stock DC Washguard® products.

These new units are designed and manufactured to provide enhanced performance in wet and humid areas. This product offering is a perfect addition to LEESON's market-leading Washguard® motors, known to "shed water like a duck". Both the motors and gearmotors meet IP55 environmental conditions.

This product offering will have either face or base mounting on motors only, and face mounting on integral gearmotors. Maximum horsepower rating is up to ¼ at 2500 rpm. Motors operate at either SCR 90 volts or battery operated 12 volts.

The gearmotor styles include both parallel and right angle output shaft configurations. The parallel units have ration options from 5:1 up to 336:1 with full load torque ratings exceeding 300 in-lbs. The right angle ration options range from 5:1 up to 60:1 (all single stage) and full load torques up to 135 in-lbs. All the Washguard® gearmotor mounting dimensions have "drop-in" dimensions that match LEESON's current stock offerings for easy direct interchange to the Washguard® units. LEESON's Washguard® gearmotor critical mounting dimensions "match-up" exactly with several major competitors like Bison, Bodine and WWG.

LEESON's Washguard® motors and gearmotors have the following standard features:

o 300 Series stainless steel output shafts on the motors and right-angle gearmotors for long, rust-free life.
o Parallel shaft gearmotors have Mirolon 3300 fortified Teflon with ceramic coating on the output shaft to provide similar rust-free life.
o Double O-rings to prevent water entrance at the threaded brush covers on 12-volt units.
o Spring-loaded lip seals used on both motor and gearbox output shafts.
o Immersion-proof breather to allow water vapor from condensation to be vented.
o Sealed bearings in the motors.
o All units are white-epoxy painted.

Typical applications are in material handling (conveyors, augers and pumps), food processing and packaging (conveyors, stretch wrap machines).

LEESON Electric, headquartered in Grafton, Wisconsin, offers AC and DC motors, sub-fractional horsepower motors and gearmotors, mechanical gear reducers and AC and DC electronic drives. LEESON products are sold to original equipment manufacturers and distributors by a network of independent manufacturers' representatives, sales offices and international agent distributors. LEESON is a subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation (AMEX: RBC).

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