DC Motor uses rare-earth magnets.

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Available in 0.31 in. dia package, Series RE08 incorporates rhombic moving coil and ironless rotor that allows for zero cogging. Rated at 0.5 W, motor measures only 0.63 in. in length and produces max continuous torque of 0.07 oz-in. Max efficiency is 67%, depending on winding, and ambient temperature range is -4 to +149°F. Matching gearheads are available with ratios from 3.9:1 to 854:1, capable of delivering 8.5 oz-in. of intermittent torque.

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8 MM Motor with Rare Earth Magnets

Provides high performance in a sub-miniature package

Burlingame, CA--Maxon's new RE08 series of motors use powerful rare earth magnets to maximize torque available in an 8 mm (0.31 in) diameter package. The patented rhombic moving coil design provides for long life, low electrical noise, fast acceleration and high efficiency. The ironless rotor allows for zero cogging and simple accurate control. Rated at 0.5 watt, the motor is 16 mm (0.63 in) in length with a maximum continuous torque up to 0.52 mNm (0.07 oz-in).

Maximum efficiency is 67 % depending on the winding. Ambient temperature range is from -20 to 65° C (-4 to 149° F). Several different windings are available to match desired speed with available voltage. Matching gearheads are also available with ratios ranging from 3.9:1 up to 854:1 capable of delivering 60 mNm (8.5 oz-in) of intermittent torque. Encoders are also available for the motor.

Due to their high performance and small size, Maxon's RE08 motors are particularly suitable for a variety of applications including miniature pumps, surgical devices, air samplers, micro-stages, and laser measuring devices.

Maxon designs, manufactures, and markets fractional horsepower moving coil DC motors & brushless motors ranging in size from 6 to 90 mm (0.2 to 3.5 in) and from 0.03 to 500 watts. We also have an extensive selection of gearheads, encoders, and control electronics to complement our motors.

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