DC Motor uses Ferrite magnets for optimal power density.

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Characterized by metal brush-end shield and 5 mm shaft, 40 mm DC Motor has 7-slotted armature that allows for maximum copper fill. Drive elements such as pinions and pulleys may be incorporated, and standardized lead wires that exit either axially or radially give motor additional flexibility in various mounting positions. In addition to office and paper-handling applications, motor is suited for building automation and medical industries.

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Next Generation DC Motor Showcases Buehler's Technology Advances

Buehler Motor's improved 40-millimeter motor offers more power and greater lifespan

MORRISVILLE, N.C., -- Buehler Motor, Inc. (http://www.buehlermotor.com), a global company focused on the development and production of technically challenging mechatronic drive solutions, has improved on its already well-established DC technology with the replacement of its 40-millimeter motor. Successfully used for many years in office applications, the new 40-millimeter design is characterized by a metal brush-end shield and a 5-millimeter shaft designed to provide significantly higher overall power output and lifespan.

The improved motor takes the thermal and electromagnetic characteristics of the previous design to a higher level with a new, seven-slotted armature allowing for maximum copper fill. Additionally, the motor's power density was significantly improved using the latest generation Ferrite magnets. The motor features simple adjustment options, such as the output shaft, which can be easily modified to specific customer demands.

"The new 40-millimeter motor is an example of Buehler's commitment to continually improving its design and technology to provide industry leading products and services," said Bob Riedford, president and general manager of Buehler Motor, Inc. "With its increased robustness, power and flexibility the new motor is not limited to office and paper-handling applications. There are additional potential applications in the building automation, medical and general industries that will benefit from this improved motor."

The length and shape of the motor extensions on both sides enable greater flexibility in a wide range of applications. Drive elements such as pinions and pulleys may also be incorporated to the motor, and standardized lead wires that exit either axially or radially give the motor additional flexibility in various mounting positions. The motor can be further customized with connectors in desired wire lengths.

Other custom solution options include the addition of an optical or magnetic encoder, electromagnetic brakes or a combination with gearboxes. The 40-millimeter motor is available in three lengths for a wide spectrum of power capability, a choice of sleeve bearings or high-quality ball bearings to fit specified load condition, and chokes and capacitors are available to electromagnetically suppress the motor.

About Buehler Motor

Buehler Motor is an independent, globally active company focused on the development, production and marketing of technically challenging mechatronic drive solutions for the world's leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, business automation, medical device and other industries. Driven by innovation, Buehler Motor offers comprehensive in-house research and development with more than 120 engineers and 1,600 qualified employees delivering more than 20 million units worldwide. Buehler Motor's Product Implementation Process (PIP) ensures superior manufacturing processes and the highest quality products for all standard line and customized drive solutions.

As part of the worldwide Buehler Motor family, Buehler Motor, Inc. (BMI), based in Morrisville, N.C., offers its North American customers a combination of German engineering, research and development, manufacturing, and local sales and customer support -- plus the competitive pricing advantages and on-time delivery that come from a global production footprint spanning three continents.

For more information about Buehler Motor and products, please call (919) 380-3329 or visit www.buehlermotor.com.

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