DC Motor Part Set powers oxygen concentrator compressors.

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DC brushless motor part sets TG2310 and TG2320 eliminate couplings and bearings from portable oxygen concentrators to promote mobility and efficiency by minimizing their weight and size. Level of inertia minimizes power losses caused by torque pulsation, increasing motor efficiency and extending battery life for oxygen concentrators. Along with 84% peak efficiency, 21 oz TG2310 motor features 450 oz-in. peak torque, 452 W peak power, and no cogging or hysteresis torque.

Original Press Release:

Thingap Announces: Battery-Powered DC Motor Part Set for Oxygen Concentrator

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA - JULY 2, 2008 - ThinGap LLC, the leader in high power density DC motors, today announced the TG2310 and TG2320 DC Brushless Motor part sets that power compressors used in portable oxygen concentrators. ThinGap's innovative motor technology provides unprecedented levels of mobility and efficiency when used in this application.

"ThinGap motors improve convenience and quality of life for oxygen patients by allowing concentrator models that weigh less and provide a longer time between battery charges," said Rean Pretorius, president & CEO, ThinGap LLC.

ThinGap's TG2310 and TG2320 brushless motors have high inertia, which minimizes the power losses caused by torque pulsation that are common in conventional motors. This increases the efficiency of the motor leading to extended battery life for oxygen concentrators. By providing motor part sets, couplings and bearings are eliminated allowing customers to reduce the weight and size of oxygen concentrators. Additionally, assembly is much easier because the ThinGap stator does not contain iron, eliminating the magnetic attraction of parts.

The TG2310 motor features 450 oz-in. peak torque, 452-watts peak power, 84% peak system efficiency, weighs 21 oz, and no cogging or hysteresis torque.

For more information, please visit www.ThinGap.com.

About ThinGap
ThinGap LLC designs and manufactures an innovative line of standard and custom brushless and brush motors for applications that require high power, efficiency, low weight, and small package size. The technology helps OEM's innovate more powerful, efficient, responsive, controllable and precise products not possible with the use of conventional motors. Since its first production motor was introduced in 2000, ThinGap has developed a complete line of brush and NEMA 23 brushless motors for medical industry applications and such industrial applications as handheld power tools and fan/blower/compressor motors. ThinGap's technology allows high copper-packing density and higher copper-to-total statorvolume ratio than motors with conventional wire windings. By replacing the iron core/laminations and wire windings used by conventional motors with a precision thin copper sheet replaces, the motors provide higher power-to-weight ratios, a wider range of speed and torque capabilities, improved heat dissipation and lower electrical resistance. ThinGap has been granted seven patents with eighteen patents pending

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