DC/DC Converters for Oil and Gas Applications

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. — Phoenix Contact's QUINT POWER family of DIN rail DC/DC power converters now includes three models listed for IECEx, ATEX, and  Class I, Division 2 applications. These approvals allow for global acceptance and ensure high reliability in critical applications.

In process applications such as oil and gas, the DC/DC converters commonly provide galvanic isolation for sensitive 24 V controllers. They can also monitor and regulate the battery voltage in a back-up power application. This technology for the DC/DC converters is complemented by its ability to provide current pulses to trip breakers (selective fuse breaking technology) and to monitor the voltage or current on the DC output.

These DC/DC converters accept 24 V DC input and provide 24 V DC output. They are available in power outputs of 120, 240, and 480 W. The converters' PCBs are completely dipped in conformal coating, making them moisture-proof and resistant to corrosive gasses/spray and conductive debris. This coating also allows for these products to obtain an ATEX system-level approval.

The QUINT POWER line also includes seven additional DC/DC converters without conformal coating rated for Class I, Division 2 applications.

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