DC/DC Converters employ 300 kHz frequency, buck topology.

Press Release Summary:

LSN D3 Series SIPs are non-isolated DC/DC converters that accept 3.3 V inputs (3.0 to 3.6 V input range) and deliver 1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2, or 2.5 V outputs rated at 10 A. They employ single-in-line (SIP) packages that measure 2 x 0.55 x 0.34 in., and may be configured in vertical or horizontal orientations. Converters facilitate true point-of-use (point-of-load) power processing. Their on-board output caps reduce output noise to 10 mVp-p.

Original Press Release:

3.3V Input, 10 Amp DC/DC Converters Deliver True Plug-and-Play Versatility at Incredibly Low Prices

1-2.5V Outputs...Standard SIP Format...No External I/O Caps
All For "A Buck an Amp" in High Quantities

- Inputs: 3.3V ±10%

- Outputs: 1V, 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2V or 2.5V @ 10 Amps

- Package: 2" x 0.55" x 0.34" SIP with Standard Pinout

-- Vertical Models Occupy 0.7 Square Inches

-- Horizontal Models Only 0.34 Inches High

- Topology: Non-Isolated, 300kHz, Fully Synchronous Buck

- Expensive I/O Caps: None Required

- Performance: Tight Accuracy, ±1%

-- High Efficiency, to 95.5%

-- Low Output Noise, 10mVp-p

-- Full Power to +71 deg C w/o Derating

-- Stable No-Load Operation

-- Prices: Start @ $9.95 (USA, 50k pieces)

-- IEC/UUEN60950 Certified; EMC Compliant

-- Order On-Line @ www.datel.com

What Are They?

DATEL's new LSN D3 Series SIP's are non-isolated DC/DC converters that accept 3.3V inputs (3.0V to 3.6V input range) and deliver 1V, 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2V or 2.5V outputs rated at 10 Amps. Employing standard single-in-line (SIP) packages (2" x 0.55" x 0.34", 51 x 14 x 8.6mm), LSN D3 SIP's can be configured in either vertical or horizontal orientations. The former occupies a mere 0.7 square inches of board space. The latter has a mere 0.34 inch (8.6mm) height.

LSN D3 SIP's facilitate true point-of-use (point-of-load) power processing. They take readily available, on-board 3.3V power and convert it . . . at the lowest cost . . . with the highest efficiency . . . in the smallest area . . . to virtually any lower voltage required by the ever-evolving core logic of today's current-hungry DSP's, ASIC's and CPLD's.

Why Non-isolated?

Simple economics dictate that the mind-boggling proliferation of supply voltages required by today's new IC's can not be matched by a similar proliferation of isolated DC/DC voltage converters. It simply costs too much.

Once on-board power (typically 3.3V) has been isolated from its backplane bus (typically 24/48V for IT equipment), additional isolation is unnecessary. If a designer requires on-board 1-2.5V power, it is considerably less expensive to generate that power from the 3.3V source, using non-isolated techniques, rather than employ additional isolated DC/DC's to generate it from the backplane bus.

LSN's Really Are Easy to Use

Because of high currents being switched at high frequencies, most commercially available, non-isolated DC/DC's require the installation of expensive input capacitors (with high rms-ripple-current ratings) and output capacitors (with very low ESR specifications and high frequency response) to suppress input/output ripple/noise to acceptable levels. Amazingly, LSN D3 SIP's have on-board input caps fully rated to handle the units' input ripple current and on-board output caps fully capable of reducing output noise to 10mVp-p typ. (35mVp-p max.)

And They're Very Affordable

LSN D3 Series SIP power converters are attractively priced at $19.90 each (USA) in singles and $11.90 each for 10k pieces. 50k pieces go for $9.95 . a buck an Amp! Where else can you get 10 Amps for that price?

Topology . Performance . Features . Temperatures

The LSN's best-in-class power density is achieved with a fully synchronous, fixed-frequency (300kHz), buck topology that delivers: high efficiency (95.5% for 2.5VOUT models at 50% load), low noise (10mVp-p typ.), tight line/load regulation (±0.1%/±0.25% max.), quick step response (100 microseconds), stable no-load operation (for circuits going into "sleep" mode), and no output reverse conduction.

The fully functional LSN D3's feature output overcurrent detection, continuous short-circuit protection, a ±10% output-voltage trim function, a remote on/off control pin, and an output sense pin.

High efficiency enables LSN SIP's to deliver more output current at temperature than virtually all competing SIP's. All LSN's deliver full power to at least +65 deg C with no supplemental air flow. With minimal air flow (100 lfm), all models operate at full power to at least +75 deg C.


Free sample/evaluation units for qualified OEM's and/or production quantities up to 25 pieces are immediately available from stock. Production quantities require 6-8 weeks.

Order @ Web Site

DATEL, Inc. pioneered e-commerce capabilities for DC/DC converters at our web site at www.datel.com. Small quantities of LSN D3 Series SIP DC/DC converters (or free sample/evaluation units) can be ordered directly from the site using credit cards.



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