DC/DC Bus Converter serves distributed power applications.

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Supplied in quarter brick open frame package, RBC-12/17-D48 produces up to 210 W output power, accepts 36-75 V input, delivers 92.5% efficiency at full load, and offers ±1.5% Vout regulation. Regulated Bus Converter (RBC), optimized for distributed power Regulated Intermediate Bus Architectures (RIBAs), can be used to drive PoL converters and utilizes synchronous-rectifier topology. Fully isolated (2,250 Vdc) product provides 12 Vdc/17 A output and 225 kHz fixed-frequency operation.

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Regulated DC/DC Bus Converter Combines High Efficiency with Wide Input Range for Distributed Power Applications

Murata Power Solutions has introduced a new cost effective Regulated Bus Converter (RBC) that delivers up to 210W output power, with a Vin range of 36-75V, ultra-high efficiency (92.5% @ full load) with Vout regulation (±1.5%) in a quarter brick open frame package.

The design of the RBC-12/17-D48 DC/DC bus converter has been optimized for use in distributed power Regulated Intermediate Bus Architectures (RIBAs) where it can be used to drive point-of-load (PoL) converters. Applications include 48V-powered datacom and telecom installations, base stations, cellular telephone repeaters and embedded systems.

The fully isolated (2250VDC) RBC-12/17-D48 is able to accept a wide range 36VDC to 75VDC (48V nominal) input. This is then converted to a 12VDC/17A output. Overall dimensions of 2.22in. (56.39mm) x 1.45in. (36.83mm) plus a low overall height of just 0.42" (10.67mm) allow the RBC to fit into applications where card cage space is restricted.

The synchronous-rectifier topology and 225kHz fixed-frequency operation of the RBC results in the excellent efficiency levels. The present trend in distributed power architectures (DPAs) require Wide Vin ranges, high efficiency and Vout regulation for the most efficient regulated IBA systems.

A comprehensive range of protection features are incorporated in this product. , including: input under-voltage (UV) lockout, output current limiting, short-circuit hiccup, over-temperature shutdown and output over-voltage. Positive or negative polarity remote on/off control is available as an option. A base plate, for mounting to cold surfaces or natural-convection heatsinks, can be specified for applications that do not have forced air cooling or where there is zero airflow.

The RBC-12/17-D48 possesses all relevant FCC, UL and IEC certifications for emissions, safety and flammability.

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Murata Power Solutions, Inc.,
Power Electronics Division
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Mansfield, MA 02048-1151, USA
Tel: 1+ 508.339.3000 Fax: 1+ 508.339.6356
Product URL: www.murata-ps.com
e-mail: muratapr@murata-ps.com

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Murata Power Solutions (www.murata-ps.com) is headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, with over 1,300 employees, and locations in the USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan and China. Murata Power Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, Magnetics, Data Acquisition devices and Panel Meters, and offers these products in custom, standard and modified-standard variations. Murata Power Solutions' products are typically used within electronic applications serving major global market sectors including telecommunications, computing and industrial controls.

Murata Power Solutions is a division of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components and power supply modules. Murata's devices are found in a wide range of applications including consumer and automotive electronics, and wireless devices. The company has employees and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

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