DC Brush Motors feature 7-slot skewed armature design.

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Series 8000 brush-commutated dc motors are designed for minimized magnetic cogging and smooth and quiet motor operation, suiting applications in data storage, medical and biotech, semiconductor, and automation industries. Motors are available in 2.070, 2.445, and 2.915 in. lengths, with peak torques to 16.8 oz-in., and speeds to 10,650 rpm. Speed, voltage, current, and torque characteristics can be varied according to application. Copper graphite brushes are standard.

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Pittman® Series 8000 Brush DC Motors Incorporate 7-Slot Skewed Armature Design

PITTMAN® Series 8000 brush-commutated DC motors feature a 7-slot skewed armature design ideally suited to minimize magnetic cogging (reluctance torque) and promote smooth and quiet motor operation. This family of brush DC motors offers performance, reliability, and long life for a wide range of power applications in industries such as data storage, medical and biotech, semiconductor, and automation, among many others.

PITTMAN Series 8000 motors are available in three lengths (2.070 in., 2.445 in., and 2.915 in.) and can achieve peak torques up to 16.8 oz-in and speeds up to 10,650 RPM for standard motors at rated voltages. Speed, voltage, current, and torque characteristics can be varied to satisfy particular application needs.

Motor commutators are diamond turned after armature assembly to promote optimum concentricity and long brush life. Windings are resin-impregnated for greater reliability in incremental motion applications. Copper graphite brushes are standard.

Modular construction enables the motor assemblies to be customized with alternate brush materials, encoders, timing belt pulleys, brakes, cables, connectors, modified shafts, and RFI suppression or other special configurations to meet application demands.

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