DC Brush Gear Motor provides noise-free operation.

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Designed for motorization of peristaltic positive displacement pumps, PPGM Series is offered with variety of customized adaptations to meet specific requirements. It features gearbox torque of 0.5 Nm nominal and operating voltage of 24 V, and is available in 16 and 30 W models. Wide range of gear ratios from 12.80 to 104 can create output speeds from 46-455 rpm. Encoders are available on some versions from 1-48 pulses for accurate flow pump rate control.

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New Crouzet DC Brush Gear Motor Provides Virtually Noise-Free Operation for Peristaltic Pumps in a Variety of Liquid Measurement Applications

VISTA, Calif., - May 14, 2008 - Crouzet North America, a company of Custom Sensors & Technology (CST), Inc., has introduced the ultra-quiet Peristaltic Pump Gear Motor (PPGM) series designed for motorization of a wide range of peristaltic positive displacement pumps. Suitable uses include liquid transporting, dosing, and ultra-filtration in such applications as swimming pools, dishwashers, dialysis machines, food, chemical, water treatment plants, brewing, beverage and others.

Built to withstand the highly cyclical requirements of peristaltic pumps, the PPGM develops significant torque at a relatively low operating rate, ensuring long service life and silent operation. Specific pump requirements are translated into torque, speed and current to provide the exact motor response needed for the pump to provide the required flow rate and pressure for the specific application.

The PPGM offers extremely quiet operation, generating about ½ the noise of comparative motor models. "For medical applications, such as dialysis machines and other noise-sensitive applications, this gear motor offers an important benefit not previously available," says Jim McNamara, Application Engineer. "Pump manufacturers seeking to meet customers' needs for quiet pump operation now have an ideal solution."

The new PPGM is available in 16 and 30 Watt models and features a gearbox torque of 0.5 Nm nominal and an operating voltage of 24V. The 16 watt version is also available with an operating voltage of 12 V. A wide range of gear ratios from 12.80 to 104 can create output speeds from 46 to 455 RPMs to provide the versatility necessary to meet a wide range of peristaltic pump requirement. Encoders are available on some versions from 1 to 48 pulses for accurate flow pump rate control, and service life is rated at up to 2000 hours. The gear motor mates easily with many types and sizes of peristaltic pumps via a variety of face plate configuration options.

The new gear motor is offered with a variety of customized adaptations to meet specific requirements. Options include variations on shaft diameter and shape, gear material, ratio/speed value, connections, mounting options centering pilot diameters, and number of encoder pulses.

The Crouzet PPGM series is priced competitively in production quantities and is available now with standard delivery of 8-10 weeks. For more information, contact Crouzet North America, 2470 Coral Street, Bldg. D, Vista, Calif., 92081-8430; Tel: (760) 597-6322; Fax (760) 597-6320; E-mail: mcnamaj@us.crouzet.com, or visit www.crouzet-usa.com

About Crouzet North America
Crouzet North America is an operation of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST). Crouzet (pronounced cruise-A) started operations in the US in 1978. A global company of about $180 M, Crouzet , headquarted in France, counts now about 2000 workers in more than 14 countries. Once composed of sub-fractional HP motors, switches (miniature snap-action, digital, and limit), timers and pneumatic control components the product offering was enlarged thanks to two major acquisitions that helped Crouzet to become a major player in the US market for automation and industrial controls:

About Custom Sensors & Technologies
Headquartered in Moorpark, CA - Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) is comprised of industry-leading brands including Crouzet, Kavlico, Crydom, and former divisions of BEI Technologies - Newall and Systron Donner. CST provides sensors, controls, and actuation products for the Transportation, Industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets. www.cstsensors.com

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Jim McNamara
Custom Sensors & Technologies
(760) 597-6322


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