DBK USA Specializes in Building Heaters with Built-in Current Limiting Technology - PTC Technology

Heating elements from DBK technology are based on a ceramic thermistor, having a Positive Temperature Coefficient of electrical resistance (PTC). By definition, a thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance varies significantly with temperature. PTC thermistors of the type used in heating elements have a very low electrical resistance at low temperatures but exhibit a large increase in electrical resistance (typically by several orders of magnitude) once a predetermined temperature is reached.  When the PTC thermistor is cold, low resistance allows a large current to flow, generating heat. If the current is large enough to generate more heat than the device can lose to its surroundings, the device heats up, raising the temperature of the thermistor above that of its environment. Once the predetermined temperature has been reached, current is limited and a stable equilibrium is reached between electrical power supplied and power dissipated as heat.

The basic construction of a PTC heater is a PTC thermistor element, made from a polycrystalline ceramic element, with a means of applying an electrical potential across the element via contact plates. DBK offers a variety of PTC heating solutions for all types of industries, such as fan heaters, finned resistor heaters, cartridge heaters, convection heaters, and ceramic flex heaters. 

For more information please visit our website http://www.dbk-group.com/en/ or contact:

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