Davenport Machine's High Precision (HP) Head Now Available as a Replacement Part!

Davenport announces that their High Precision (HP) Head is now available for purchase as a replacement part. Until recently, the HP Head was only sold with the purchase of a new Davenport HP Machine. The head was designed to handle tougher materials and hold tighter tolerances, demanded under today's manufacturing specifications. The new design replaces the bronze bushings on the revolving head spindles with ABEC 9 angular contact radial bearings. This improvement delivers spindle run-out consistently less than 0.0005". The result is a head that provides index repeatability to within 0.0006". The addition of the Air-Lube System significantly extends the life of the spindles, while reducing lubricating oil consumption by upwards of 40%.

Davenport HP Head Also Provides:

- Increased spindle rigidity

- Improved part diameter accuracy

- Improved surface finishes

- Improved part roundness

- Less part taper and deflection

- Wear resistant coating that reduces galling and increases revolving head life

- Positive pressure constant lubrication

Consider installing the HP Head when rebuilding your older Model B's. The HP Head is a cost effective way to improve performance and enhance the capabilities, adding real value to your machines.

Davenport Replacement Parts are the only ISO Certified parts available on the market today. Always buy OEM quality parts for longer life.

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