Datalogics Partners with Callas Software to Provide Best-of-Breed Preflighting, PDF/A Toolkits

CHICAGO, April 17 - Datalogics announced today a partnership with Berlin-based callas software GmbH to provide direct licensing and support services for callas' PDF software development kits (SDKs). Under the terms of the agreement, callas will utilize the Adobe PDF Library API from Datalogics within their utilities; and Datalogics will provide direct licensing and first-level support for these utilities.

The callas toolkits include: pdfaPilot, for PDF/A validation and correction; pdfInspektor, for preflighting, the same code base which drives the "Preflight" functionality in Adobe Acrobat Professional; pdfCorrect, for automated error correction to help maintain a reliable functioning workflow; pdfColorConvert, which converts color to CMYK and preserves spot colors to ensure correct color printing; and pdfImpositionLib, a flexible framework for placing pages, whether it is for imposition or page pairing.

"The callas toolkits will be of great interest to our customers," remarks Kevin McNeill, VP Operations, Datalogics. "Companies license the Adobe PDF Library because they want the PDF functionality within their applications to behave just like Acrobat. Having the callas components allow us to extend our product offering and provide our customers even more of the functionality they see in Acrobat."

"We are excited about these new versions of our utilities," adds Olaf Drummer, CEO, callas software. "Using the Adobe PDF Library as the underlying API will allow us to add new functionality to our tools, and will enable seamless integration with the PDF Library for those customers wishing to use both. For example, preflight profiles can be created in Acrobat and used in applications built with these toolkits."

The callas toolkits will be available through Datalogics as an SDK and command-line executable for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Sun Solaris, and AIX.

About callas software

callas software GmbH, Berlin, founded in 1995, specializes in software for the analysis and processing of PDF files. Plugins from callas excel in accuracy, reliability and practical orientation. Quick to install, easy to use, and included as part of Adobe Acrobat, these plugins provide key functionality to all users from document management, archiving and print publishing. The plugins are also available as software development kits, which allow vendors as well as inhouse developers to integrate that same functionality into their own solutions, perfectly matching what their users see in Acrobat.

About Datalogics

Datalogics, Inc., an Adobe Portfolio Company and a leading provider of innovative document technologies, has dedicated 40 years to delivering the highest quality software technologies and services which meet the most demanding customer needs. Datalogics is the source for Adobe PDF technologies. With versatile applications and exceptional services, Datalogics offers a multitude of technologies to fit your document needs. A solid background, partnerships with key firms, and a loyal customer base ensure that Datalogics is positioned to meet customer requirements now and into the future.

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