Datalogic Wins Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award

Datalogic(TM) Mobile EBS has been presented with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "2008 Product Innovation Award" for Joya(TM) and Shopevolution(TM), Datalogic innovative self-shopping solution. An Award Banquet was hosted in London on October 16th

October 2008 - Frost & Sullivan has presented Datalogic Mobile EBS with the prestigious "2008 European Excellence in Information, Communication & Technologies Award" for Joya and Shopevolution; an Award Banquet was hosted on the occasion in London. This award is presented each year to acknowledge the quality and merit of companies having skilful insights into industry, products and services; it has been granted to Datalogic in recognition of its capacity to offer products and solutions able to match customers' needs, of its remarkable product range, effective growth-strategies in a constantly evolving market and constant investing in research and development.

Datalogic's Joya shopper pod and Shopevolution solution thoroughly deserve this award for its exceptional ability to interact with the customers at the moment of truth.

The product not only enables the retailers to reduce costs and increase the Customer lifetime value (CLV) but also fosters customer loyalty and doubles up as a medium for digital signage says Rufus Connell, Frost & Sullivan Research Director. Datalogic executed a well rounded strategy with which it has not only offered a competitive set of innovative products and solutions at the point of purchase but also grown spectacularly in an highly competitive and emerging market space.

An outstanding award testifying to Datalogic Mobile EBS's ability to excel in its market sector thanks to the range of new products and breakthrough technologies and also to its insight into the market expectations. Frost & Sullivan's awards recognize companies in a variety of markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Recipients companies operate in the global market as well as in the regional one with the macro-areas of Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Europe and Africa, Latin and North America.

Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award is evidence of the amazing marketing impact of Shopevolution in the retail world, says Gian Paolo Fedrigo, Datalogic Mobile CEO. It is particularly timely that this award comes with the launch of Joya, the innovative pod for a fascinating shopping experience with Shopevolution.


Joya, the new exclusive pod from Datalogic, is the result of a new idea of shopping, now a fun activity and a time for information. Thanks to this interactive tool, increasingly demanding and product-conscious customers can receive information on the characteristics of products and their nutritional content or can be informed on promotions and special offers, the net prices and the running total; self-scanning makes shopping even faster so as to involve customers in a personalized shopping experience where promotions are tailored to their needs and multimedia information on special offers or discounts is easily accessible; the result is an enhanced personal involvement and an increase in customer satisfaction. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, images, promotional videos and video games can be downloaded from stations marked with the Joya(TM) logo and placed on shelves, along the supermarket aisles.

But Joya is also an effective tool for Proximity Marketing. Thanks to this new Datalogic pod, customers' habits, purchase history and expectations can be monitored to deliver back to them direct and personalized messages with a far more striking impact than traditional communication. Joya(TM) is therefore an effective and innovative tool which improves interactions between retailers and customers and guides the latter in their choices thus ensuring maximum redemption. Through Joya(TM) customers can in their turn let retailers know their requests: both from home, using the web, and from the store, by means of the microphone on Joya(TM) , thus evolving the retailers' business toward increasing profitable results.


Shopevolution is Datalogic innovative and integrated solution to self-shopping which uses Joya as the consumers' preferred tool and offers benefits and personalized services right at the time of purchase, while in the store. It enhances customer satisfaction, ensures customer retention and increases both shopping value and its frequency. Shelf-shopping makes the shopping experience easier and faster as customers personally scan the barcodes of the items they want to purchase. Consequently, customers have more time to spend among aisles, also thanks to self-checkout. As statistical studies and sector analyses have proven, the current trend of shopping has confirmed customers' appreciation of innovative technologies aimed at reducing checkout times so as to grant them more time for the "shopping experience" itself. An endeavor in which Datalogic has invested a lot deriving alluring results becoming a true market leader, especially in Europe, where Shopevolution is currently used in over 300 stores.


The prestigious recognition has been conferred on Datalogic not only for its numerous innovative products and the implementation of effective growth strategies in an increasingly evolving marketplace, but also for its relevant investment in research and development, a core strategy for a company that has allocated an amount of 15.5 million for the retail sector, and that has therefore reached a remarkable position in its own sector. A real and constant commitment that the number of patents granted to Datalogic can only confirm; among these, the patent for the design of Joya, and the ones for Self-Scanning, for the use of Joya to carry out payments and for the information exchange between Joya and portable phones.


Frost & Sullivan "Best Practices Awards" recognizes companies in a broad spectrum of market sectors, and on a global basis, for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development.

In selecting the recipients of this award, industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews and comprehensive analyses on research and development investments; companies are subsequently short listed with respect to their degree of innovation and customer satisfaction, to the number of new products launched and the number of products developed. The award recognizes companies that are predicted to encourage significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends before they become the standard in the marketplace, and have created advanced technologies fast-pacing towards future accomplishments.

There are specific criteria used in determining the final ranking of industry competitors. The recipient of this award has excelled based on one or more of the following criteria:

o Importance of new products in relevant market sector
o Competitive position of new products in relevant market sector
o Product innovation brought about by breakthrough and unique technology
o Product share within the market
o New product added value to consumers
o Number of competitors offering similar products


Frost & Sullivan is a global growth consulting company. It has been partnering with the best industrial companies wordlwide to support the development of innovative strategies for over 40 years.

A number of over 800 market analysts continuously monitor global and regional markets to identify emerging technologies and record economical and demographical factors in each Country; this enables the firm to offer its clients a truly global perspective.

Frost & Sullivan serves an extensive clientele that includes Global and regional 1000 companies, emerging companies and the investment community by providing comprehensive industrial coverage that combines ongoing analysis of markets, technologies, econometrics and demographics.

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