Datalogic Tracks Baggage in Fiumicino: ADR (Airports of Rome) Becomes Even More Proficient by Adopting an Innovative Technology that has Already Led to Enormously Reducing the Quantity of Lost Baggage and Consequent Costs

Bologna, July 22nd 2010 - Datalogic Group, a leader on the market of barcode readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID and vision systems, through its subsidiary Datalogic Automation, has realized thirty omnidirectional reading tunnels to improve baggage handling for the "Leonardo da Vinci" airport in Rome, Fiumicino (the biggest Italian airport with four terminals and over 33 million passengers a year).

Thanks to the Group's outstanding technological know-how, Datalogic has been called upon by ADR (Airports of Rome) to guarantee an even more efficient baggage handling system and to increase the level of passenger services, developing a baggage tracking project starting from the hold of the aircraft through to handover to the passenger.

Datalogic has created a reading station for baggage handover and pick-up points in all the airport terminals, thus managing to gather useful data on each piece of baggage and to monitor its movements. Once the baggage is on the conveyor belt, it follows a set route where it goes through various reading phases of the Datalogic scanners that send it to the correct destination, simultaneously monitoring the performance of the baggage handling system from when they are unloaded from the aircraft.

To guarantee a correct and quicker baggage handling and consignment process, Datalogic Automation has supplied a customised solution made up of thirty omnidirectional reading tunnels, over 270°, of the IATA barcode, for a total of 200 laser scanners, series 8000, and 30 controllers type SC6000, exploiting technologically unique applications for the Fiumicino airport, such as the following:

o DS8100A and DX8200A the most powerful barcode readers on the market;
o ACR(TM) (Automatic Code Reconstruction) a system that obtains the full code starting from partial readings;
o ASTRA(TM) (Automatically SwiTched Reading Area) that ensures maximum reading area depth thanks to the autofocus system;
o PackTrack(TM) that assigns the code to each single piece of baggage correctly, even when the items to be identified are very close together.

Thanks to this project, Datalogic Automation consolidates its standing on the Italian airport market, where it supplies all the major airports, from Milan, Bergamo and Turin, to Venice, Pisa and Palermo, in addition, amongst others, to the European airports of Barcelona and the Hongqiao airport in Shanghai.

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A., commented: "We are particularly proud to have signed this partnership with the largest airport in Italy, which what's more, represents a successful alliance made 100% in Italy. This confirms, yet again, the high quality standards that Datalogic is able to guarantee in fulfilling innovative and technological solutions to meet its customers' needs, especially in complex and delicate applications, as is the baggage management of millions of passengers. Our proficiency in supplying such cutting edge solutions derives from the constant attention we pay to research and development of new technologies designed to improve many aspects of daily life. For this reason too, Datalogic is the ideal partner for those who aim at making quality and service proficiency their strongholds".

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