Datalogger helps validates surface temperature environments.

Press Release Summary:

With dual probe design, Micro Flex Logger can measure surface and vial temperature or measure 2 vials or 2 surface temperatures concurrently. This 2 mm dia probe, which can fit inside vials for monitoring, is complemented by Surface Flex attachment for monitoring surface of lyophilization process. Puck is made of brass, which allows for efficient temperature response time, and product delivers real-time data during process. This allows for on-the-fly, evidence-based decisions.

Original Press Release:

New Data Logger from Mesa Labs

Mesa introduces its new Micro Flex logger for use in validating surface temperature environments. Its dual probe design provides capability to measure surface and vial temp with one logger or measure two vials or two surface temperatures at one time.

The Micro Flex Logger is a small, 2mm diameter probe that can fit inside vials for vial monitoring. To accompany the Micro Flex, we also have the Surface Flex attachment. The Surface Flex goes onto the Micro Flex Probe to allow you to monitor the surface of a lyophilization, or freeze drying, process. Together, these new products make it easy to have the right probe set for monitoring your product, so you can collect the surface temperature right from the vial.

Similar to the thermocouple, the Micro Flex Logger has ideal response time needed in changes to temperature. The puck used for the Micro Flex Logger is made of brass allowing for a very efficient temperature response time. Since the Micro Flex Logger is built from the foundations of our MPRF product line, it allows the convenience of having real-time data as your process is happening. Now, you can make changes or decisions on the fly based on the evidence in front of you – not based on hunches or intuition. If you are monitoring a process remotely, your real-time data will instantly let you know if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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