Database Optimization Software minimizes data duplication.

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Designed to help customers enhance business intelligence solutions and make smart business decisions, Teradata Aggregate Designer will optimize Online Analytical Processing implementations, facilitating in-database processing and delivering rich data for analytics. Desktop administrative tool automates creation of Aggregate Join Indexes, which aggregate data as it is loaded into warehouse to support commonly used analytic dimensions and pre-determined business queries.

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Teradata Aggregate Designer Optimizes Performance of Analytic Applications for Smarter Business Decisions

Reduces data duplication and movement, delivers richer data for analytics

SAN DIEGO, -- Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC) today introduced the Teradata Aggregate Designer software, which will optimize Online Analytic Processing (OLAP) implementations providing faster in-database processing and richer data for analytics. With this innovation from Teradata, customers will be able to enhance their business intelligence solutions resulting in better, faster insights that contribute to business growth.

The ideal business intelligence solutions directly accesses data from the data warehouse. However, some solutions still extract a subset of the data and build separate physical data cubes in a local server or in a spreadsheet. This type of solution architecture faces many challenges, which include data inconsistency, lengthy data extractions and data duplication. These challenges lead to an inconsistent view of the business, lost business opportunities due to the delay in data availability, as well as hidden costs that typically range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"The answer is to access the data directly from the data warehouse reducing data duplication and movement," said Randy Lea, vice president of product and services, Teradata Corporation. "The result is a dramatic reduction in costs, increased query performance and freed-up resources that can be used to do more analytics, which drives more business value."

"The Teradata Aggregation Designer reduced our implementation time and delivered rich and detailed data to our business users," Franz Lackner, Head of Data Services, mobilkom Austria AG. "The Teradata Aggregation Designer allowed us to deploy the solution faster than with the manual implementation and achieve predictable, rapid performance."

The Teradata Aggregate Designer is a desktop administrative tool that automates the creation of Aggregate Join Indexes (AJI) within the Teradata data warehouse database. AJIs aggregate data as it is loaded into the warehouse to support commonly used analytic dimensions and pre-determined business queries. AJIs are automatically used by the Teradata optimizer to provide optimized performance for all OLAP solutions. AJI performance optimizations benefit all the leading Business Intelligence vendor's solutions and can improve the performance by 100 times, while also reducing cube creation and the non-necessary movement of data.

"Joint Teradata and Microsoft customers have greatly benefited from leveraging the easy-to-use Microsoft business intelligence tools running on the high performance Teradata data warehouse to deliver intelligence to all workers in the enterprise," said Donald Farmer, principal program manager, Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Management Team. "The Teradata Aggregate Designer tool natively supports Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and automatically implements the AJIs providing our customers with fast and optimized implementations."

The Teradata Aggregate Designer is now available from Teradata, with additional Teradata Business Intelligence Optimizer products to be available later in 2010 offering accessibility to user-friendly analytics supported by fresh, detailed data.

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