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Maponics Spatial API enables businesses to offer Web-based local search and relavent mapping without requiring significant GIS infrastructure investments. Hosted solution, transparent to company customers, offers datasets that cover complete boundary area and corresponding center point location data; latitude/longitude center points; neighborhood names; ZIP Code to neighborhood correspondence data; ZIP Code boundaries, center points; and postal carrier route boundaries, center points.

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Maponics Paves the Way for Search and Mapping That is More Local and Personal

Maponics Spatial API just released; businesses now have access to neighborhood, ZIP Code and postal carrier route boundary data they don't have to host or manage

NORWICH, Vt. (March 31, 2009) - Today Maponics LLC (, a provider of highly-local geographic data, announced the official release of the Maponics Spatial API (application programming interface). With this, the playing field for companies looking to enhance their local search with relevant mapping has been leveled. Now, even businesses with small or non-existent geographic data management capabilities can offer cutting edge Web-based local search and mapping, without making significant GIS (geographic information system) infrastructure investments.

"We often get calls from local search, social networking, real estate, wireless and other companies wanting to offer search results by neighborhood, ZIP Code, carrier route etc. on their Web sites, but they are in a bind," explains Darrin Clement, president and CEO of Maponics. "Although some of these are major corporations with experienced Web programmers in house, they don't have the staff or infrastructure in place to support ongoing map database management and hosting."

"With our new API," continues Clement, "these companies can now provide the same level of localized searching functionality that their competitors offer. They simply pull specific map data from our API each time their users make a search. This way, licensees of our API don't need to host or manage the data themselves. Plus, it's all transparent to their users."

AccuData, infoUSA, Trulia, Pitney Bowes/MapInfo, Dominion Enterprises (eNeighborhoods and, and Citysearch are among the industry giants for which Maponics' data improves local search and mapping. "We have worked with Maponics for years and we know their data is top notch," says Jim Lewis, president and CEO of "Their new API has been extremely easy to interface with, and we are excited about the possibilities it opens for us to expand our business."

Most Maponics datasets are now available for quarterly data delivery in common file formats or through the Maponics Spatial API, including:

- Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries TM: featuring the complete boundary area and corresponding center point location data for over 60,000 (and growing) neighborhoods in over 2,000 U.S. and Canadian cities. Essential for offering truly local search and mapping results, by neighborhood.

- Maponics Neighborhood Location Centers TM: featuring latitude and longitude center points from the Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries dataset; perfect for basic neighborhood proximity searches and map labeling.

- Maponics Neighborhood Names TM: including the neighborhood names from the Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries dataset; ideal for lookups and drop down lists.

- Maponics Neighborhood ZIP Codes TM: offering ZIP Code to neighborhood correspondence data for over 42,000 ZIP Codes and all of Maponics US-based neighborhoods. Allows users to search by ZIP Code - OR - neighborhood, for locally relevant results.

- Maponics ZIP Code Map Data TM: providing ZIP Code boundaries (ready to map latitude and longitude points) and center points, for every ZIP Code in the US. Essential for direct marketing, sale territory optimization, local search and mapping, and more.

- Maponics Carrier Route Map Data TM: highly accurate postal carrier route boundaries (ready to map latitude and longitude points) and center points for the US; ideal for direct mail targeting.

Drawing on these datasets, the specific queries (searches) supported by the Maponics Spatial API include:

Neighborhood, ZIP Code or carrier route boundary (ready to map latitude and longitude points) surrounding a given address or location point
List of neighborhoods, ZIP Codes or carrier routes closest to a location point
Neighborhood, ZIP Code or carrier route in which a latitude and longitude point or typed address falls
List of neighborhoods, ZIP Codes or carrier routes within a city, state or radius
Many more, including custom data retrievals related to neighborhoods, ZIP Codes, and carrier routes

Businesses believing they would benefit from access to the Maponics Spatial API or one of the specific Maponics local geography datasets should contact Mark Friend, VP of Sales and Marketing, at 800.762.5158 or Visit the Maponics Spatial API directly at

About Maponics

Maponics specializes in location-based data and information for businesses, including neighborhood, ZIP Code and carrier route boundaries. Local search, real estate, mobile, social media and marketing firms rely on Maponics to power hyper-local interactive search, mapping, and ad targeting platforms, including, Citysearch, D&B, infoUSA, Accudata, Trulia, Dominion Enterprises (eNeighborhoods and, Pitney Bowes/MapInfo, Zvents,, Smarter Agent, HelloMetro, Roost, CitySquares and many others. The Maponics Online Store, powered by Maponics data, is the only place refers to for postal maps. The company is located in Norwich, Vermont. Additional information can be found at

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