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Database Management Software delivers autonomic operation.

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May 13, 2014 - Providing database administrators (DBAs) with real-time data management solution, CDB/Auto-Tune reconciles challenges of big data with resource constraints in DB2 for z/OS environments. Solution employs autonomic data management and can maintain DB2 for z/OS data in just-in-time strategy so that minimal resources are used to achieve optimal database performance. Functionality minimizes required resources while maximizing system and application performance.

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CDB Software Delivers Autonomic Data Management for DB2 for z/OS with CDB/Auto-Tune

Press release date: May 02, 2014

CDB Software continues to expand its leadership position in the database utility market with CDB/Auto-Tune, a new product designed to reconcile the growing challenges of Big Data with the resource constraints in DB2 for z/OS environments.

HOUSTON -- CDB Software, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solutions for DB2 z/OS data management, today announced the GA release of CDB/Auto-Tune, the latest addition to its Real Time Data Management Solutions.

Big Data has created increasingly complex data management challenges for database administrators (DBAs) in DB2 for z/OS.  The continued proliferation of Big Data is forcing DBAs to more efficiently manage all of their data and they can no longer afford to ignore objects that their current utilities cannot maintain.  While the data continues to grow at exponential rates, the time and resources available to maintain that data are shrinking.  CDB/Auto-Tune solves this problem for z/OS enterprises through the realization of autonomic data management.

"Autonomic computing has been a goal of DB2 for z/OS from the beginning," said Richard Barry, CDB Software's President and Chief Architect.  "With the evolution of Big Data, the ability to keep your DB2 system constantly tuned to maintain peak performance within the resources available is vital.  CDB/Auto-Tune can maintain DB2 for z/OS data in a just-in-time strategy so that minimal resources are used to achieve optimal data base performance."

Leading institutions throughout the world including Fortune 100 companies and large governmental agencies rely on CDB's technology to address the complex challenges of maintaining their most critical data.

"Limitations in existing technology are only compounding the issues of Big Data," said John Barry, vice President of Marketing, CDB Software.  "With traditional solutions, DBAs are forced to maintain their environments at less than maximum performance and companies are forced to endure huge CPU upgrades.  CDB/Auto-Tune is the solution that minimizes the required resources while maximizing system and application performance."

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The CDB Real Time Data Management Suite is a comprehensive set of solutions which provide streamlined data management processes to enable enterprises to expand their DB2 environment as needed while reducing the burden and overall management cost of DB2 on z/OS.  The Real Time Data Management Suite includes solutions for all facets of DB2 data management including database utilities, data archiving and purging, data replication and propagation, and partition management.  For more information on CDB's Real Time Data Management Solutions visit

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CDB Software, Inc. is a leader in data management solutions for DB2 z/OS.  CDB focuses its business on DB2 for z/OS to provide unique and innovative solutions that enable companies to expand their DB2 system to meet business needs while controlling the overall cost of the mainframe.  Founded in 1985, CDB is a privately held corporation based in Houston, Texas with offices worldwide.  For more information about CDB, visit:

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