Database Development Software supports Siemens handhelds.

Press Release Summary:

Visual CE® and mEnable software support SIMpad SL4 web pad, which combines web browser, GSM or wireless LAN connectivity, with mobile productivity applications suite. Visual CE full color, relational database program provides intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that enables users to create databases without coding. mEnable architecture allows Visual CE applications to wirelessly read from or write to any ODBC-enabled data source.

Original Press Release:

SYWARE¹s Visual CE® Database Development Software Adds Support for Siemens SIMpad, Next Generation Web Pad

Easy-to-use database software provides real-time wireless access to servers, desktop synchronization, and macro programs

Cambridge, MA (January 21, 2002)
An easy-to-use device that offers unlimited mobile Internet access within seconds, the SIMpad SL4 web pad combines a robust web browser, GSM or wireless LAN connectivity, and a suite of mobile productivity applications, including Pocket Office. Database development capabilities are now supported in the form of Visual CE and mEnable. Visual CE is SYWARE's popular database development toolset and mEnable is the company's innovative wireless architecture that allows mobile users to easily access and modify server data in real time. Together, SIMpad, Visual CE, and mEnable allow business professionals and developers to easily create mobile database applications without programming, whether for patient tracking, inventory management, or sales force automation.

"There's nothing more fundamental for the business professional than the ability to access corporate data
Intuitive Application Development

Visual CE is a full color, relational database program. It provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that enables programmers and non-programmers alike to quickly create databases without coding. Database forms can be designed and maintained either on the handheld device or on the desktop computer. In addition, both forms and databases can be run on the handheld device or the desktop. Once the application is
developed, records can be easily beamed from one handheld device to another. Other features include pop-up word lists, the ability to create pre-defined data filters, robust font selection, multi-select dropdowns, and calculations on string data. A macro programming capability allows for the easy creation of multi-step sequences.

Visual CE is integrated with mEnable, SYWARE's breakthrough wireless architecture that extends handheld applications with real-time, interactive access to server data. The mEnable architecture allows Visual CE applications to wirelessly read from or write to any ODBC-enabled data source, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, or Sybase. mEnable uses the universal TCP/IP protocol to communicate between the handheld device and the server, through standard wireless adapter cards that plug into the handheld device. The
mEnable architecture allows handheld computing applications to be
easily integrated with enterprise business processes.

Pricing & Delivery

Visual CE applications can be created and run on any SIMpad SL4. Visual CE Lite Edition is priced at $79, quantity one. Visual CE Personal Edition, with full synchronization capabilities, is priced at $129, quantity one. Visual CE Professional Edition provides a more advanced feature set and includes royalty-free distribution rights; it is available for $399. Visual CE Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition plus SYWARE's Report CE software; it is priced at $599.

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