Data Protection Solution backs up Windows servers.

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SonaSafe for Windows File Systems provides synthetic backup functionality that lets Application Service Providers and Managed Service Providers offer backup and recovery capabilities for their customers. Protecting data from hardware and software failures as well as human errors, solution maintains redundant, standby server by continually updating data with that which is retrieved from primary system. Standby system can take over instantly in case of primary system failure.

Original Press Release:

Sonasoft Announces New Version of its Data Protection Solution for Windows Servers

San Jose, California - Sonasoft Corp. announces the availability of its new version of SonaSafe for Windows File Systems. This release provides synthetic backup functionality that will enable Application Service Providers (ASP) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to offer advanced backup and recovery capability for their customers.

Sonasoft provides a high-availability solution, protecting data from hardware/software failures and human errors. SonaSafe application maintains the redundant, standby server by continually updating the data with that retrieved from the primary system. The standby system can take over instantly in the event of primary system failure. The standby system can be on-site, or located at a remote site for protection against natural or man-made disasters.

Synthetic backup is a particular kind of volume backup where a full backup is only taken once and periodic incremental backups are applied on top of that full backup. This provides a highly efficient alternate approach for taking periodic full backups. ASPs/MSPs can significantly reduce backup time and bandwidth utilization by creating synthetic volume backups. This technique also benefits system administrators to save space by deleting their incremental and differential backups, thus keeping only a unified volume backup on the storage.

Getting a faster WAN connection, such as DS3 (which provides transmission rates update 45 Mbps) is not very cost effective for the SMB market. In such a situation, synthetic backup will offer an effective alternative for taking consolidated volume backups. Other payback that synthetic backup has to offer is maintainability and portability of backup files. It is better to have a single backup which gives a consolidated view of the volume, as opposed to having large number of files consisting of a full and multiple differential and incremental backups. The synthetic backup functionality will support standard Windows servers from IBM, HP, Dell etc.

"Sonasoft with its ground breaking synthetic backup technology provides an exceptional solution for backing up remote offices to a centralized backup server thus eliminating the need for transporting tapes offsite and speeding recovery of crucial users data" said Bilal Ahmed, VP of Engineering and CTO at Sonasoft.

About Sonasoft®
Sonasoft Corp. automates the disk-to-disk backup and recovery process for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Servers with its groundbreaking SonaSafe® Point-Click Recovery® solutions. SonaSafe is the only product that provides an integrated backup/recovery and replication solution for Exchange and SQL servers. Designed to simplify and eliminate human error in the backup and recovery process, SonaSafe solutions also centralize the management of multiple servers and provide a cost-effective turnkey disaster recovery strategy for companies of all sizes. For more information, please visit

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