Data Management System reduces computer data backup costs.

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DiskXtender 2000 for Microsoft(TM) Windows® is automated policy-based data management system for reducing primary storage burdens on corporate file servers. System stores less frequently accessed files on less expensive media types. Product manages data movement with minimal administrator intervention. System requires Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 1, Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0, Service Pack 6a, Pentium® 450 MHz, or higher, and 256 MB RAM.

Original Press Release:

DiskXtender 2000 for Tivoli Storage Manager Offers a Better Way to Manage and Access Data

At a Glance

Benefits of the DiskXtender 2000 for Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) include:

o Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) - Inactive data is moved to less expensive storage, reducing the amount of the IT budget spent on storage assets.
o Reduced tape storage costs - Reduction in the amount of data to be backed (as a result of migration) equally reduces the number and cost of tapes required for full backups.
o Reduced backup completion times - By migrating inactive data to secondary storage, only active data is backed up, significantly reducing backup completion times.
o Fast recovery from disaster - Only stub files, created when data is migrated, and active data need to be recovered, reducing total recovery times and downtime costs.


The DiskXtender 2000 technology, for Microsoft (TM) Windows® customers, is an end-to-end automated policy-based data management solution for reducing primary storage burdens on corporate file servers by automatically storing less frequently accessed files on less expensive media types.

The DiskXtender 2000 migration policies enable the product to automatically manage the data movement with minimal administrator intervention which helps to maintain seamless user access.

The products in this announcement are available as a part of the IBM Developer Sales Channel Software Remarketing program. Product information has been provided by the program supplier, Legato Systems.

Key Prerequisites

DiskXtender 2000 requires:

o Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 1, Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0, Service Pack 6a
o Pentium® 450 MHz, or higher
o Minimum 256 MB RAM
o Windows NT file system hard drive (size depends on application requirements)
o One or more storage media services - the special TSM build requires TSM Server 3.7.4, or higher, TSM Client 4.1.0, or higher, with TSM API Client

Availability Date

June 3, 2003


The DiskXtender 2000 offers you the ability to:

o Maximize return on investment (ROI) and TCO by leveraging existing storage infrastructure through integration with TSM. All existing hardware resources are utilized.
o Reduce TCO through intelligent, automated management of storage assets for more efficient use.
o Minimize backup and recovery time by keeping DAS finite through automated file and space management.

Automated Life Cycle Data Management

o Automatically manages data based on configurable rules so you can optimize cost versus access performance.
o Enables automated storage system clean up and asset liability reduction.
o Reduces burden on IT administrators for "hands-free" operation automatically scheduling file migration, pre-fetch, and drive scan.

Transparent Application and User Access

o Logical view of all stored data to applications and users, regardless of where data is physically located.
o Eliminates need for IT intervention for user access.
o Storage consolidation with dynamic allocation of storage for users and applications on demand. Reduces server down time to add more storage and maximizes use of existing storage.

DiskXtender 2000 provides automated policy-based storage management for enterprise data by virtualizing primary and secondary storage into an "infinite disk." DiskXtender 2000 enables administrators to increase storage capacity without limitation, by leveraging existing storage assets and reducing complexity, thereby lowering the TCO of mission-critical data.

DiskXtender 2000 functions include:

Intelligent and Automated Data Management

o Intelligently automates data movement, storage, and retention parameters, reducing the need for manual management and associated overhead costs
o Migrates infrequently used data to clear overloaded servers for greater application efficiency and reduced backup window
o Enables transparent user and application access to a virtual pool of primary and secondary storage assets
o Provides a logical view of stored data, regardless of its physical location

Storage Consolidation and Aggregation

o Consolidates data from distributed network servers into a virtual storage pool enabling dynamic storage allocation
o Provides physical consolidation of server storage, while offering a virtualized logical view
o Pools storage resources to maximize and allow seamless sharing of total storage capacity
o Expands capacity virtually without limitation, by seamlessly aggregating additional storage
o Configures storage resources and policies from any computer on the network

Easy Integration and Scalable Solution: Enterprise scalable to meet present and future demands


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