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Data Management Platform supports open standards.

Press Release Summary:

Tervela Message Network(TM) v3.5 incorporates Tervela Open Data Framework, a toolset designed to facilitate data management and drive interoperability across enterprise with support for open standards, applications, and protocols. Open and extensible framework lets scalable platform address demand for access to existing/evolving industry standards that include AMQP. It also fosters development of new services and allows existing applications to run natively on Tervela Message Network.

Original Press Release:

Tervela Extends Message Network with Open Data Framework

Scalable Platform Drives Interoperability across the Enterprise with AMQP Integration and Support for Open Standards, Applications and Protocols

NEW YORK, March 2 -- Tervela, the leading provider of hardware-accelerated, low-latency messaging systems, today announced the availability of version 3.5 of its Tervela Message Network(TM) platform. This release introduces the Tervela Open Data Framework, a comprehensive toolset designed to simplify data management and drive interoperability across the enterprise with support for open standards, applications and protocols.

Providing a fully open and extensible framework, Tervela's scalable platform addresses market demand for access to existing and evolving industry standards that include Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) - an open standard application layer protocol for Message Oriented Middleware. The framework also fosters the development of new services and allows existing applications to run natively on the Tervela Message Network, reinvigorating them with core attributes of speed, stability and scalability. This eliminates the need to rewrite existing applications and deploy additional computing resources, which eases integration, removes complexity and yields significant reductions in both rack space - often as high as 90 percent - and total cost of ownership.

"Tervela is leading the way to interoperability by providing support for protocols such as AMQP on its hardware-accelerated message network," said Larry Cohen, CEO of Accelerated Computing Solutions. "Combining open standards with a high-performance, scalable infrastructure enables businesses to deliver more demanding applications and react more effectively to market opportunities."

Tervela's Open Data Framework offers customers, partners and third-party application vendors the following tools to quickly develop and extend the network without costly customization and integration efforts:

-- Open API Extensions: expose rich messaging metadata to facilitate API customization and greater application integration
-- Open Services Software Development Kit (SDK): presents a comprehensive development library that enables the rapid integration, provisioning and management of a diverse set of messaging services on the Tervela TSE Service Engine(TM)
-- Open Data Transport: extends the Tervela TMX Message Switch(TM) to provide the ability to seamlessly add data sources and map communications directly to any wire protocol
-- Open Data Format: provides access to data stored on the Tervela TPE Persistence Engine(TM) for post-processing and analytical application development

"Our Open Data Framework provides a growing, interoperable ecosystem that further extends the Tervela Message Network to meet evolving market requirements for scalable, future-ready solutions," said Barry Thompson, founder and CEO of Tervela. "Customers benefit from the extensibility of our platform because it significantly reduces data center footprints and integrates easily with new and emerging industry standards."

About Tervela

Founded in 2004, Tervela delivers the next-generation communications infrastructure - the message network - designed and engineered to exceed the information dissemination and processing requirements of the world's most demanding financial services institutions. Addressing the challenges of market volume, volatility and visibility, Tervela invented the message switch to enable investment banks, hedge funds, exchanges and other data-intensive organizations to deliver consistent, outstanding and predictable performance - even in the most demanding market conditions. The company is funded by Goldman Sachs, Sigma Partners, Acartha Group and North Hill Ventures. For more information, please visit

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