Data Logging System simplifies compressed-air surveys.

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Model HLP-10 HyperLogger(TM) PowerPlus(TM) Data Logging System monitors and records air-compressor power data combined with pressure, mass air flow, and other compressor operating parameters. Power Sensing Harness transmits data via low-power isolated serial link, allowing HLP-10 to be located at safe distance from high-voltage connections. Self-contained system simplifies calculation of compressor efficiency by analyzing power consumption along with compressor output.

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New Product Announcement Compressed Air Survey Tool HLP-10 HyperLogger PowerPlus(TM)

La Mesa, California: Logic Beach Incorporated has introduced the HLP-10 HyperLogger(TM) PowerPlus(TM) data logging system, designed to simplify Compressed Air Surveys. The HLP-10 can monitor and record an air compressor's power data combined with pressure,
mass air flow and any number of other compressor operating parameters to create a complete energy efficiency picture.

Few people thought their leaking compressed air system was the sound of money. But today its recognized that money is exactly what is leaking out of a poorly maintained or improperly sized
compressed air system. The "Compressed Air Challenge" has heightened awareness of the waste and inefficiency of a poorly maintained air compressor installation. Optimization of
compressed air systems can provide energy efficiency improvements of 20 to 50 percent.

The HyperLogger(TM) PowerPlus(TM) is the first self-contained, easy-to-use, instrument that measures both the power consumption of a compressed air system and the resulting output to provide a
simplified compressed air survey. Using the HyperLogger PowerPlus simplifies the calculation of the compressor's efficiency by analyzing the equipment's power consumption along with the compressor output. One instrument provides a complete range of sensor inputs to study energy consumption, voltage variations, power factor, air flow and much more.

The HLP-10, HyperLogger PowerPlus, logs AC voltage, current, and power, up to 26 total power related parameters, and with the addition of the HLIM-1 interface module, allows the addition of
standard industrial sensors to record mass air flow and pressure. A Power Sensing Harness (PSH) is utilized to transmit data via a low-power isolated serial link allowing the HLP-10 to be located a safe distance away from high-voltage connections.

The Power Sensing Harness is comprised of three split core transducers and voltage sensing leads for two or three phase measurements. Within the PSH, the measured power parameters are converted into a serial data stream to be read by an internal HyperLogger module.

Seven different Power Sensing Harnesses are available ranging from 100 amps to 2400 amps. Two versions of each of the Power Sensing Harness are offered. The Basic version has kW
and kWh outputs. The Enhanced offers 26 energy parameters including, kWH, kW, kW each phase*, Demand: Avg., Min., Max., AC Voltage - line to line, AC Voltage - phase to phase, AC
Voltage - line & phase to neutral*, Power factor, Power factor each phase*, Amps - average current per phase, kVAR - reactive power, kVA - apparent power. The HLP-10 can monitor and
record data from up to 64 Power Sensing Harnesses for very sophisticated efficiency studies. (*based upon derived neutral)

HyperWare(TM), the market proven, icon-based programming, communication, real-time trending and data analysis software is used with all Logic Beach portable and remote site data logging
systems. A dialog box within HyperWare presents the available power parameters for selection and use in an efficiency study program. Additional icons representing flow, pressure, and otherr parameters are supplied for use in programming the data logger for a wide variety of specific application solutions.

The HLP-10 HyperLogger Power Plus Systems is available from stock with a starting price of $2580. Separately specified Power Sensing Harnesses range in price from $738 to $1097.

Logic Beach Inc., "The Authority in Unrestricted Data Logging", designs, manufactures and supplies portable data logging and alarming systems. Specializing in ruggedized, programmable systems, Logic Beach Inc. offers a wide range of modular data logger systems providing flexible solutions for multiple applications. The entire range of portable data logging products operate with HyperWare(TM) configuration software combining an intuitive graphical interface with the industry's most powerful programming capabilities.

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